West Lake Shrimp Pancake – A Must Try Hanoi Street Food

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West lake shrimp pancake – one of the dishes making up the essence of Hanoi cuisine, is a kind of street food which has made visitors passionate and reminded them of its unique flavor whenever they visit Hanoi. It appears that the name ” Westlake shrimp pancake” ingrained in mind. Therefore, anytime referring to shrimp pancakes, the majority of people immediately think of that name.

How to make a shrimp pancake

To make shrimp pancakes, it is a simple combination of flour, tapioca flour, potato and fresh shrimp. When frying, chefs boil the oil to the suitable degree in order for the cakes have nice look and good taste. Then, the pancakes are left to reduce fat and served with sweet and sour fish sauce, salads and slices of carrot and green papaya. Like many dishes of Vietnam, what making shrimp pancakes delicious or not depends on its sauce. It is the mixture of sweet, salty, sour and spicy taste.

Why shrimp pancakes are special in Hanoi

Interestingly, the difference of this food is that local people catch shrimps only from Westlake. They believe that these shrimps has enough the taste of mild, firm, and sweet meat to make tasty pancakes. Especially, the very enjoyable savor of brittle crust, aroma of fried shrimps and spicy sauce would stimulate your appetite . Also, looking at the shrimp sauce, you will see the harmony of color. The yellow cake with the red shrimp highlights on the background of the white porcelain enamel and the green salad. Moreover, slices of papaya and carrot mix with chilli slices in the bowl of sauce. That is the way serving for gourmet.

The best place to enjoy Hanoi shrimp pancakes

  • Address: 1 Thanh Nien, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi

This is one of the most popular restaurants in Hanoi. Most Hanoi people choose this restaurant to have best dishes and beautiful views. Check out this website if you want to get more information.

In the open air and mild wind from Westlake, enjoying the shrimp pancake seems to be tastier. Hanoi people are naturally skilful in processing plenty of delicious dishes, but perhaps only the shrimp pancake remains its traditional flavor. If you have little experience traveling in Hanoi, take our motorbike food tour to enjoy the most delicious food with local buddies.

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