Visit the Royal Palace in Hue Vietnam – What to expect in the Royal Palace

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Hue Citadel - Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is always one of the best attractions to visit in Hue. If this is the first time you have visited Hue, you definitely should explore this destination. So, what to expect in the Royal Palace?

Travel guide to Hue Royal Palace


Hue Royal Palace is quite huge and its front side is on the-23rd-of-August Street. You can enter the Citadel through Cua Ngan or Cua Quang Duc.

Opening time

·       Summer period: 06:30 – 17:30 ·       Winter period:   07:00 – 17:00

Ticket price

· Adult: 150 000 VND/ person

· Children: 30 000 VND/ person

Some restriction for tourists to have a nice visit to Hue palace

·       Wear a polite costume and be quiet in palaces and solemn places. Photographing and videotaping in the interior of palaces are not allowed. ·       No smoking in the Palaces, pine tree areas, and other inflammable places.

Hue Imperial City

Hue Imperial City. Source: dichoihue

When should you visit Hue Royal palace?

You can visit Hue Royal Palace at any time of the year. But I recommend you to come in February to May because of the pleasant weather. However, if possible, you should come at the time of the Festival Hue. It’s a gorgeous and amazing festival organized from the end days of April to the beginning days of May with plenty of cultural activities.

What to expect inside the Royal Palace

Thai Hoa palace

Thai Hoa Palace is one of the most important constructions of Royal Palace in Hue Vietnam where Nguyen kings had governed the country for over 100 years. This palace is a typical royal architecture in term of “double houses on one foundation” which is decorated with enameled bronzeware, gilding, and lacquer. Main patterns of the palace are dragons and a mass of clouds together with many symbolic ornaments inside and outside of the building. There is a yard called “Salutation Court” in front of the palace, where all mandarins stood in the Grand Audience ceremony held two times a month. Besides the Grand Audience ceremony, other important ceremonies were also organized at Thai Hoa Palace. Among them were the Coronation ceremony, the royal Birthday Anniversary, etc.

Thai Hoa Palace in Hue Royal Palace

Thai Hoa Palace in Hue Royal Palace. Source:

Thai Mieu

Thai Mieu in Hue palace is called Thai To Mieu, which have the worship of Nguyen Lords. It was constructed in the South East of the Imperial City in 1804 under Gia Long’s reign. It is on the symmetry axis of The To Mieu temple which is located in the southwest.

Thái Miếu - A temple in Hue Royal Palace

Thái Miếu – A temple in Hue Royal Palace. Source: Wikipedia

Royal garden

The royal garden was the pride of Nguyen kings and Vietnamese writers and poets. There were up to seven royal gardens: Ngu Vien, Thieu Phuong, Ho Hau, Truong Ninh, Tinh Tam, Thu Quang, and Thuong Mau, which accounted for 1/4 of the total area of the royal citadel. There were also smaller royal gardens inside the citadels creating fresh air and beautiful landscape. These royal gardens were small wood to keep the rarest and most beautiful trees of the country, ranging from ornamental to fruit trees.

Royal Garden in Hue Royal Palace

Royal Garden in Hue Royal Palace. Source:

Outside the Royal Palace

There are a lot of interesting things you can try outside the royal palace. Do not need to pay a ticket but still get good photos. Go for a walk in 23rd of August Street to explore the local’s daily life and enjoy coffee in Tu Phuong Vo Su Coffee shop. It is the amazing activities to let your hair down and think about what you did recently because of the fresh atmosphere.

In short, it’s worth paying a visit to the Royal Palace in Hue to learn about the history, architecture and the beauty of a gone-by era in Vietnam. You can explore by yourself or book the Imperial City Tour with the local guides. Most of the tourists In addition to the Royal Palace, I highly recommend you to explore the Royal Tombs. You’ll fall in love with the natural scenery once coming.