Vietnamese Cooking Class Tour in Hanoi

Do you love cooking? Do you want to make Vietnamese traditional dishes yourself? Then you are in the right place! Leading Vietnamese chefs in Hanoi are willing to help you via the Vietnamese Cooking Class in Hanoi Tour. During the tour, you will be taught how to make a myriad of Vietnamese dishes from talented chefs using well-prepared cooking equipment. Traveling throughout Southeast Asia? Check out all six of our locations at I Love Asia Tour, operating in Laos and Vietnam.




Tour Summary

This is a half-day morning tour starting at 8AM and finishing at 1PM including local food.

Here in Vietnam, we LOVE food! If you love food too, join our Vietnamese Cooking Class tour in Hanoi. First, we will start by taking you to the local market to buy ingredients in the moring. Then we will go to the cooking class to learn all about preparing and eating local Vietnamese food! All of our cooking class teachers speak English and are experienced in Vietnamese cooking. So come hungry, because we'll cook so much food you'll be stuffed! We'll send you the recipes so you can make this amazing food for your friends and family at home. This tour is one of our many Vietnam tours operating across five cities. 

Note: This tour requires at least 2 guests.


Learn how to cook the best food of Hanoi from our master chefs

Discover Hanoi with your local female guide

Try delicious local food

What To Expect 

Here at I Love Asia Tour, we love food! On this tour we will make sure you will be able to cook like some of the best chefs in Hanoi! You will learn how to make to following dishes on the Vietnamese Cooking Class Tour in Hanoi:

+ Banh Cuon ( steamed rolled pancakes) with a long-standing history of over a thousand of years banh cuon continues to be a common option for Vietnamese breakfast.

+ Pho ( Hanoi Noodle Soup with chicken) : Pho is an international known dish that all tourists visiting Vietnam want to enjoy

+ Banh Xeo ( Coconut milk flavored crepes) This unique crepe is an essential must-try in the world of Vietnamese cuisine.

+ Che ( Sweet Dessert) : This is a special and favorite dessert of Vietnamese people you can't miss out on learning how to cook this.




We will pick you up at your hotel to join the Hanoi Cooking Class Tours

8:30 AM

Our first place is an old Hanoi coffee shop to try the egg coffee with our crew and introduce our program.


We will take you to the Hanoi local market to buy ingredients and learn about the market culture in Vietnam.


We will begin the local cooking class with our expert chef.


We finish our cooking class time and enjoy the food we have cooked together


Drop you off at the hotel. Thank you for enjoying our Vietnamese Cooking Class Tour in Hanoi.

Tour Inclusions

Vietnamese Cooking Class Tour in Hanoi will include food, drink, tour guides and I Love Hanoi tshirt. The exclusion is the personal spending and tips 

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