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You are a vegetarian lover or too tired of meat? You’re looking for the best vegetarian food tour in Vietnam? Then, you shouldn’t skip the Vegetarian Food Tour and Vegetarian Cooking class tour in Vietnam provided by the I Love Vietnam tour.

One of the best Vegetarian food tours in Vietnam, Why not?

The first reason making this tour one of the best vegetarian food tours in Vietnam is the taste of fresh ingredients. Most Vietnamese people are Buddhists, a wide variety of vegetarian food is created to provide the demand of customers. The origin of ingredients is so fresh and safe, many restaurants also grow various vegetable to cook by themselves. Besides that, chefs with their talented hand can use only plants to cook many different kinds of delicious vegetarian food, which are in no way inferior meat-dished.

Vegan meal on Hanoi Vegetarian food tour

Vegan meal on Hanoi Vegetarian food tour

Booking a vegetarian food tour is to help you avoid the saturated fat which we find in meat. People usually think that eating vegan food is lack of protein and energy to active during the day, but actually, the nutrients and vitamins in tofu, beans, or vegetable are absorbed more easily than ones in fish and meat.

Moreover, when you’re traveling for fun or work, your schedule is changeable, you sleep in a strange place and gain weight quickly. Therefore, to travel is relax and happy enough without worrying about maintaining your health, you should select vegan food to keep your weight.

What ‘I Love Asia Tour’ has

There are a few tour companies in Vietnam providing vegan food tours, and I Love Vietnam tour company is one of them. We have 4 branches in Ha Noi, Hue, Hoi An, and Sai Gon. In each city, this tour has typical features tourists shouldn’t miss on their trip to explore Vietnamese food. Because the ingredients and the weather in Vietnam are different in regions, we provide local food in seasons. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for you to discover Vietnam more. Why do I say that? Motorbike tour is quite new for tourists to experience. The lovely lady bikers are not only professional drivers but also local partners. You can find out more interesting local information while talking to lady bikers.

Vegetarian hot pot

Vegetarian hot pot

What you can enjoy

With Ha Noi vegetarian tour, you will begin with the vegan version of pho, the iconic dish of Vietnam. Next, you can’t stand against the unique Vegan Spring Roll (Banh Cuon Chay) and Vegan Pancake (Banh Xeo Chay) which will imprint on your mind. The main dish would be a vegan mushroom hot pot, which will make you full and warm. To finish the tour, you will enjoy the fresh and cool coconut ice cream.

With Hue vegetarian tour, you will taste the royal cake which just provides for the King and Queen a long time ago. The second destination, we will be going to enjoy spring rolls, raw fried tofu, and vegetable. Next, tourists will fall in love with the special hot pot in Hue. To finish this tour, we will take Hue dessert which attracts a variety of tourists.

Vegetarian pancake in Hue - Bánh xèo chay

Vegetarian pancake in Hue – Bánh xèo chay

With Hoi An vegetarian tour, Hoi An Banh Xeo is one of the most popular dishes you shouldn’t skip. You can enjoy the taste of peanut sauce and the crunchy cake. All of them combine harmoniously to bring unforgettable flavor to your mouth. Then we keep going with Quang noodle and Hoi An hot pot. You will feel amazing about the fresh ingredients here. Because we have a big vegetable village which provides materials for the whole city. Finally, we will finish the tour by tasting Hoi An ice cream. The dessert impresses both domestic and foreign tourists when visiting Hoi An.

Coming Sai Gon vegetarian tour, enjoying the hot pot – the special Sai Gon vegetarian food is a special thing. In a big crowded city like Sai Gon, you spend a little time tasting the food and talking with locals, it is a relaxing time. Then going the special Sai Gon cakes. Some local food in Vietnam doesn’t have a name to call, but you never forget them if you ever try. Next, Spring roll is very delicious when you dip it into the peanut sauce and a little bit of spicy sauce. Sai Gon dessert is the beautiful final destination.

Tofu- Vietnamese vegan food

Vegetarian Cooking Class Tour in Vietnam

Besides the Vegan food tour, Ilovevietnamtour also provides Vegetarian Cooking Class Tour. This tour is provided in 2 cities Hue and Hoi An.

If you love vegan food, especially Asian vegan food, this tour is for you. You not only have a chance to enjoy vegetarian food but also learn how to cook them.

Firstly, visiting the local market and sightseeing the beautiful landscapes is a special thing on this tour. Besides, you can also talk to friendly people and know more about their life. After that, we will show you amazing things that how to make a special Vietnamese coffee. This experience will be fun and interesting because you are guided carefully and learn more about Vietnamese culture. Finally, our teacher will teach you the way to cook tasty food and then, we could enjoy your result together. Have a good time on this tour!

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