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Golden Bridge in Danang

If you want to explore new lands, don’t miss Vietnam which is one of the most famous attraction in Southeast Asia. Vietnam offers all kind of destinations – wildly chaotic city full of unique culture and history or peaceful, rural villages where rice fields lasts endlessly into the horizon with winged stork, beaches and mountains for relaxing after stressful time. So, if you want to enjoy beautiful landscape and delicious food in Vietnam, let us introduce to you about top things to do in Vietnam.

1. Admire The Stunning View in Ha Long Bay

The most famous attraction in Vietnam is Ha Long Bay. Most of travelers think about Ha Long when they are asked about Vietnam travel. So, why this destination is so attractive?

Travelling to Ha Long Bay – a UNESCO World Heritage site will make you a deep impression because of its spectacular scenery. It has 16000 limestone towers rising from turquoise water. You can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and relax on the yatch, go for a swim. We are sure that the water on the sea are so blue that you want to swim the whole day. Then you can lie under the sun on the beach and watch the sunshine. Moreover, you will be greeted with fresh seafood during your cruise. 

Check Ha Long Bay Cruise Tour out.

Kayaking on Ha Long Bay

Kayaking on Ha Long Bay

2. Visit Hoi An Ancient Town

The next thing we recommend you to do in Vietnam is visit Hoi An Ancient Town. It is located on the bank of the poetic Thu Bon River, in central Quang Nam province and an Eastern oriental classic captivation with both indigenous and foreign influences, that combines to make unique UNESCO World Heritage site.  It has a reputation for its architecture, homemade silk and vibe pedestrian street.

When you come to Hoi An, you can browse stalls selling local produce at market, enjoy cooler temperature and see a different side at Hoi An’s illuminated landmarks. Hoi An is really a wonderful culinary paradise  with Vietnamese delicacies like BBQ pulled pork and white-rose dumpling or Banh Mi ( Vietnamese baguette filled with meat and vegetables). Especially, if you visit Hoi An. You will have a chance to light colourful lantern. Hoi An is a crowed, chaotic and festive with spontaneous singing on the street.

Check Hoi An Activities out for more information.

Hoi An by night

Hoi An by night

3. Explore Historical Places – Hue Citadels and Royal Tombs

A long history and cultural values make Vietnam become more special in visitors’s eyes. When visitors travel to Vietnam, one of the best thing they like best is visiting historic places. Therefore, we suggest paying a visit to the destinations: Hue Citadel, Hue Tombs or Hanoi Museums.

Hue Imperial City is the Royal Palaces under the reign of the last Dynasty of Vietnam. Once visiting this place, you seems immerse yourself to the royal time in the past. The architecture there is impressive and there are so many things to discover about Vienam history and culture. Along with Hue Citadel, the complex of Hue Tombs also impresses the visitors. The royal tombs are unique and gorgous due to its architecture. Therefore, it’s worth visiting those tombs.  

Moreover, one more destination you should spend time to visit is The Temperature of Literature in Hanoi or Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. They show you clearly about real Vietnam. See more in Hanoi Historical Experience.

Hue Citadel - Royal Palace

Hue Citadel – Royal Palace

4. Experience Wind and Kitesurfing in Mui Ne

For those who love adventurous activities, we recommend you trying wind or kitesurfing in Mui Ne. This is one of the things to do in Vietnam that attracts many travelers. From the spectacular sights to thrilling sports, Mui Ne is worth exploring. There, you can get ready to surf with wind and sand dunes. It is a magical experience and brings your excitement. It sounds a sense of adventure and if you do not want to surf, you can watch the beautiful sand dunes to make your trip become more wonderful. And you can take some photo to capture this unforgetable memories. 

Windsurfing in Mui Ne

Windsurfing in Mui Ne

5. Riding a Bike in The Countryside

Vietnam is a developing country, so there are still many villages in the countryside keeping their pristine beauty and peacefulness. Therefore, if you want to explore how the life in the countryside of Vietnam going on or you want to enjoy your holiday in the peacefulness, choose this activity. 

You can rent a bike or a scooter – the main transpotation in Vietnam to travel. It is easy for you to explore every corner by bike than car or bus. So, what will you explore in the countryside? First, you will be attracted by peaceful atmostphere and friendly people. The local people living in the countryside are so friendly and they are willing to show you the way if you get lost. However, they are a little bit talkative and curious, so hope you don’t find them annoying.

Second, you can sightsee the huge paddy field and the old style Vietnam houses. Last but not least, you can experience many interesting activities in the countryside such as riding boat, making pottery, taking care of the organic garden, and so on. Find out more in Hoian Countryside.

Ride a bamboo boat in Cam Thanh Village

Ride a bamboo boat in Cam Thanh Village

6. Discover The Cultures of the Ethnic Minorities 

Vietnam is a multicultural country. There are many ethinic minorities living all around Vietnam, especially in the mountainous areas such as these provinces: Lao Cai (Sapa), Ha Giang, Yen Bai, Son La, etc. In those places, the landscapes are spectacular wihigh mountains and spacious terraced rice field and magnificient pass.

Moreover, the cultures there are varied depending on each ethinic minorities. You will see a number of structures in various styles and colorful clothes of the people there. Also, the customs and traditions there are intersting to explore. You will have an opportunity to immerse yourself into unique custom and even you can live in stilt house which is the most special feature here. At free time, just walk around, discover mountainous market, drink and have some local food.

To explore the best in those mountainous areas, you can book a tour with local guide. That’s the best way to be in a safe and interesting trip. However, if you love thrilling traveling, a motorbike loop is for you. Riding bike through the stunning pass is extremely cool!

Muong Hoa Valley in Sapa

Muong Hoa Valley in Sapa

7. Enjoy Vietnamese Cuisine – Top of the Top Things To Do in Vietnam

Vietnam is a paradise of food indeed! Therefore, once coming to Vietnam, you cannot miss enjoying the food. From the North to the South, you will be strongly impressed by countless tasty and affordable options. In every corners of Vietnam, the tasty food is everywhere from the street vendors to the fancy restaurants.

We have some recommendation for you as these specialities are the best according to the locals. In the North, you should try Pho, Banh Cuon (Spring Rolls) and Bun Thang in Hanoi or Goat meat in Ninh Binh. In the Middle, you cannot miss Hue Beef Noofle, Nem lui (Hue), Cao lau (Hoi An). And in the South, Bun Sua, Hu Tieu and Banh Xeo are what you shouldn’t miss. For more information, visit Top 10 Vietnam dishes or Best Vietnam Food Tours

Banh Cuon Hanoi - Spring Rolls

Banh Cuon Hanoi – Spring Rolls

In conclusion, you can try these recommended things above – the best thing you can explore in Vietnam. Don’t hesitate to experience things in Vietnam. You can make more friends,  learn about the culture and have  good time with diversified cuisine. Let’s pay a visit to Vietnam !


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