Vietnam is considering covid 19 vaccinated passports to welcome tourists

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Recently, Vietnam start considering welcome tourists with vaccinated passports. We still do not go the final decision yet but it is such a great news for tourism industry when the borders open.

When Vietnam opens its borders to tourists is on top concern by various travelers around the world. Whether it comes with the instruction of COVID 19 vaccine passport? 

As updated on April 9 on Vietnam Express news, Vietnam readies for entry of foreigners holding vaccine passport, including tourists and investors.

At a regular meeting of the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control on April 19, 2021, the related agencies and telecom providers said that the information technology infrastructure for handling Covid-19 vaccine passports was basically ready and “fully adapts to international preparations of vaccine passport deployment”.

covid 19 vaccine passport

Vietnam would divide the foreign entrants into 02 groups, consiting of:

  1. Foreigners entering Vietnam to invest and do business. The Ministry of Health would specify the protocol for testing, medical isolation and medical monitoring based on the entrants’ citizenship and the vaccines they have been administered.
  2. International tourists. For this category, the Ministry of Health would work with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and submit to the committee specific plans on allowing international tourists.

It is expected that Vietnam will welcome visitors from countries that have basically brought the pandemic under control and those that have deployed vaccination programs to achieve community immunity. Such tourists would be allowed to go to Vietnamese destinations where sufficient control can be maintained in terms of Covid-19 precautions.

What is covid 19 vaccine passports?

Vaccine passport can be a digital app or certificate, which prove that you have been vaccinated in order to against the covid 19. The same technology can be used to show a person’s coronavirus test results. It’s a way to demonstrate a person’s health status, generally through a smartphone app or a QR code that has been printed.

How does the covid 19 vaccine passport work? 

Despite its name, a vaccine passport is actually not a paper. Through the vaccine passport currently issued by 4 countries of China, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iceland, the vaccine passport is actually a digital passport that’s part of the mobile app that you will show to the airlines officials and then the immigration officials to get on board and then cross the international border respectively.

This app may shows details of your Covid vaccine shots, status of your last COVID test and possibly other information.

Several types of Covid 19 vaccine 

mRNA-1273 – Moderna COVID-19 vaccine,

BNT162b2 – Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine,

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine,

Janssen COVID-19 vaccine,

Sputnik V,








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