Saigon’s Hidden Alleys

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Come to Saigon, you would not only be allured by the modern beauty of Saigon, but fascinated strangely by the colorful and hidden alleys also. Graffiti Alley 15B Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Located in the heart of the city, Graffiti alley has been one of the unique ones with various graffiti paintings since young … Read More

Cu Chi Tunnels – the magnanimous historical combat achievement

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Exploring Cu Chi Tunnels

General Information Cu Chi Tunnels are a complex underground construction with a length of over 200 km round in the earth’s womb. It is the most large-scale defensive underground system of Vietnamese in the resistance against the French and the US. Therefore, Cu Chi Tunnels have been a historical attraction for Vietnamese and foreign tourists today. Since these people love … Read More

Top Things To Do In Mekong Delta

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Mekong Delta Tour from Saigon - On the boat

Are you a traveler? Do you want to experience new things around the world? Do you love discovering a unique culture and beautiful landscapes? You are really keen on losing in the peaceful countryside with a simple life? Let’s coming to Vietnam and fulfilling your desire by visiting Mekong Delta in Vietnam. And searching for Top Things to do in … Read More

The Most Breathtaking Churches in Vietnam

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It may sound strange to read about the most breathtaking churches in a South-East Asian country, yet Vietnam has a long history of colonization and Catholicism. Therefore, the country is dotted with some of the most beautiful churches in the world. We hope that our list of the most breathtaking churches in Vietnam will guide you along your journey. St … Read More

The Unique Charms of Distinctive and Colorful Pagodas in Saigon

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You are hesitating to take a trip because you have no clue for looking for somewhere tranquil and ancient or simply for getting away from your busy life. Leave the hustle and bustle of life, come to hidden temples in Saigon, you would find Saigon no longer busy and chaotic. Thien Hau Temple – The Most Stunning Chinese Temple In … Read More

Ben Thanh market – The Best Attraction In Saigon

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Each city in Vietnam has its own beauty that makes you fall in love. Hanoi capital as many attractive cultural and historic sites. Da Nang city is well-known for a lot of splendid beaches. As for Sai Gon, it is famous for not only quintessential architectural buildings but also diversified dishes. Ben Thanh market is combined by the best quintessence … Read More

Son Tra Peninsula – Green Jewel Of Danang

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Son Tra Peninsula which is called Tien Sa Mountain is considered as a “Green jewel” of Danang city as well as an attractive destination for tourists. Son Tra peninsula is a jungle with many species of rare animals, pristine and dreaming beaches along with colorful coral reefs. This place is a gift of a natural mother for Da Nang city. … Read More

Top 5 Hanoi Attractions

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Our local guide is introducing an ancient site for the tourists on Hanoi Tour of I Love Asia Tour

As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is a perfect place to explore. Mentioning Hanoi, there are a number of historic and beautiful places to visit. If you are planning a trip to Hanoi, don’t forget to check these suggestions. They are considered one of the greatest Hanoi attractions. Hanoi Old Quarter – One of the best Hanoi attractions   For … Read More

The unique features of Hoi An Tan Ky old house

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Hoi An Old Town

Exploring the culture and history of each area, tourists can visit some popular museums. However, through the architecture, you can know somehow about the long history and some special features of each place. In Hoi An, after visiting top 4 famous museums, you should come to Tan Ky old house – one of three amazing Hoi An ancient houses. SOMETHING … Read More

Top Must-Try Street Food In Hoi An

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A client is trying Hoi An Food

Best Places to Eat in Hoi An Hoian Ancient Town is famous for not only its historical sites and tourist attractions but also its appetizing street foods. With its long history and culture as a vital traditional port in South-East Asia, sailors and businessmen from different countries came and left marks in this town. As a result, houses, buildings, bridges, … Read More