Bun Cha Hanoi – Best Hanoi Local Food

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Tourists and guides are enjoying food on Hanoi Tour

Traveling to Hanoi, Vietnam, which is a cradle of Vietnamese traditional cuisine, tourists cannot ignore one of the most popular dishes here – Bun Cha Hanoi. Bun cha in Hanoi is the best local food that is so familiar with local people, and also the top choice of tourists stopping here for a perfect day. What makes a former President … Read More

All about Ha Long Bay – The Most Beautiful Bay In Vietnam

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Ha Long Bay - Ngoc Vung Island

Ha Long Bay is a place of interest in Quang Ninh Province, Viet Nam. The name Ha Long which means “descending dragon” is a gift of nature as well as the heritage of humanity. In 1994, Ha Long Bay was recognized as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO, and was re-recognized for the second time in 2000. Along with Nha Trang … Read More

Vegetarian Food In Vietnam

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You are a vegetarian lover or too tired of meat? You’re looking for the best vegetarian food tour in Vietnam? Then, you shouldn’t skip the Vegetarian Food Tour and Vegetarian Cooking class tour in Vietnam provided by I Love Vietnam tour. One of the best Vegetarian food tour in Vietnam, Why not? The first reason making this tour one of … Read More

Top things to do in Hoi An

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Hoi An Sightseeing Tour with Local Food

Although Hoian is a small city and an ancient town, it is one of the best attractions in Vietnam. You want to visit Hoian, but it is confusing for you to look for beautiful sites or what you should do in Hoi An. These following suggestions about top things to do in Hoian will help you have a meaningful trip. … Read More

Historical places over 200 years old in Vietnam

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Ninh Binh Vietnam

Where to find historic places in Vietnam? Are you searching for the answers? We help you with it. Throughout Vietnam, we pride to tell you about Vietnam famous historic places. The places attract tourists for not only unique architectures but only its long-life history. Let’s explore!! Hanoi Flag Tower The first one in the list of Vietnam famous historic places … Read More


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Banh mi Phuong in Hoi An - Vietnamese Bread

Hoi An ancient town, the most highlighted destination in Asia, is always a desired place to any tourist in the world. Beside the authentic and picturesque architecture here, Hoi An street food is also an outstanding feature of Hoi An ancient town. Among hundred delicacies of Hoi An cuisine, Hoi An Banh Mi is one of the most significant ones. … Read More

Discovering The Beauty Of Hai Van Pass

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Although Hai Van Pass is dangerous, it is still considered as the most poetic, majestic and magnificent pass in Vietnam. This article will help visitors satisfy the curiosity and learn more about Hai Van Pass. 1. The description of Hai Van Pass Hai Van Pass is located on a high mountain range in the Truong Son Range, which crosses the … Read More

Vietnam Travel Tips – Do’s and Don’t’s While Visiting Vietnam

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Banh Xeo Mien Tay Vietnam

Vietnam – a developing country in Southeast Asia is attracting more and more foreign tourists. Traveling to Vietnam is a good idea since this country has beautiful landscapes, unique culture and tasty cuisine. However, there are several things that tourists should be aware of. To make sure you can avoid any inconveniences, read these do’s and don’t’s while visiting Vietnam. … Read More

Best Places to Visit in Vietnam Between August and September

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Hanoi in the morning

Autumn is the perfect season to travel to the South-East Asian countries because there are hardly any storms and the weather is quite cool and sunny. This is especially true for Vietnam, where you can make the most of the glorious weather! These are the best places to visit in Vietnam between August and September Hanoi – The Romantic Capital … Read More


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If you love eating fruits, Vietnam will be definitely your heaven because Vietnam has a tropical climate in which people can grow a variety of fresh and delicious fruits. Below is the list of 10 best Vietnamese fruits you should try when visiting Vietnam. 1. Rambutan Rambutan is called Chom Chom in Vietnam and is one of the most delicious … Read More