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Hai Van Pass

Hoi An – Danang – Hue is a perfect combination destination in Central Vietnam. Since these 3 cities are close to each other, tourists can easily move from Hoi An to Hue. The distance from Hoi An to Hue is about 126 km and there are many kinds of transportation that you can choose to travel. But if you are still not sure about your choice, let’s discover Hoi An – Hue transportation with us.

Hai Van Pass on the way from Hoi An to Hue

Hai Van Pass on the way from Hoi An to Hue

Hoi An To Hue By Private Car ( Our recommendation)

From 60 USD/ car 4 seats


Cost: 100 000 VND (5 US dollars) – 450 000 VND (19.3 US dollars) Including transportation transferring from Hoi An to Danang by bus, taxi or private car.

Train ticket only: 60 000 VND (2,5 USD) – 200 000 VND (8,6 USD)(Depending on the kind of train ticket – hard seat, soft seat or bed)

Duration: 4 hours

Train in Vietnam
Train in Vietnam

The train is the preferred option for travelers to experience the beautiful scenery because the train will go through Hai Van pass, while most vehicles go through Hai Van tunnel, so you can have an opportunity to take photos to capture the best pictures. Moreover, for those who bring a lot of luggage, the train is the best choice. Traveling by train is not only cheap but also comfortable.

If you take this option, you cannot travel by train directly from Hoi An to Hue as there is no train station in Hoi An. First, you have to travel from Hoi An to Da Nang via bus, taxi or private car. It normally takes around 30 minutes. For those with luggage, we recommend a taxi or private car as they offer more space and also privacy. Taxis and private cars are roughly the same prices. Then, you use the train to Hue.


1. Take a bus or taxi from Hoi An to Danang: Bus is very cheap (25000 VND) but it takes longer to move (70-80 minutes). The itinerary:
Hội An coach station – Lê Văn Hiến Str – Ngũ Hành Sơn Str – Nguyễn Văn Trỗi Bridge – Bạch Đằng Str – Phan Đình Phùng Str – Yên Bái Str– Lê Duẩn Str – Điện Biên Phủ Str – Tôn Đức Thắng Str.
Time: 5:30 AM – 6:00 PM;
The bus departs every 20 mins. Taxi is more expensive but much faster. You can call taxi Mai Linh Hoi an via 0510. or Taxi Hội An via 0510.3.919.919.

2. Purchase train tickets: You can buy train tickets online from the official website of Vietnam Railways, or buy at Danang Railway Station (address: 202 Hai Phong street, Danang, Vietnam).
The price range is varied from 60000 VND to 180000 VND (up to your type of ticket).


Cost: 150 000 VND (6,5 US dollars) – 250 000 VND (11 US dollars) (Depending on the kind of ticket – seat or bed)

Duration: 4 hours – 4,5 hours

Open bus from Hoi an to Hue
Open bus from Hoi An to Hue

The open bus is another common choice for people who want to travel directly from Hoi An to Hue because of its convenience and reasonable price. The most popular kind of bus for tourists is the sleeping bus with air-conditioners. It always go through the Hai Van tunel to save time, but no stunning view from Hai Van Pass for you. There are several bus agents to choose. Here are some suggestions to help you pick the best bus for your journey:

1. The Sinh Tourist:  The best open bus tour in Hue, the ticket from Hoi An to Hue is from 120.000 VND per person. The Sinh Tourist’s buses run twice a day (8:30AM and 1:15PM), you need to tell them which time is suitable for you to take the bus. Visit The Sinh Tourist for booking.

2. Vietfun Travel: Ticket from Hoi An to Hue is 210 000 VND per person. Buses run twice a day: 7:30 AM for bed ticket and 1:00 PM for seat ticket. Visit Vietfun Travel website to book.


Cost: from 80 000 VND (6,5 US dollars) (Depending on the kind of ticket and the number of people)

Duration: 3 hours – 5 hours (with some required stopovers)

Vietnam private car service

Travelling by private car has become the most popular option when travelling from Hoi An to Hue. Most companies offer 4 seat, 7 seat and 16 seat vehicles to cater for all group sizes.

Traveling from Hoi An to Hue by private car also allows you to customize your own journey, so you can stop at any destinations on the way if you request in advance. Another popular reason is that it is considered the safest option due to drivers being experienced and talking their time to navigate the Hai Van pass. Especially, the price for the private car is also reasonable in comparison with other tours. Moreover, an English guide on the way is also available upon request. So, if you want to make a memorable experience on your holiday, a private car is the most suitable choice.

Just consider if you travel alone, the price can be costly.

Recommended Hoi An to Hue Private Car Service

Hue Car Service
Hue Car Service

I LOVE VIETNAM TOUR offers a high-quality private car from Hoi An to Hue. The price will be flexible depend on the stopovers on the way and other tours discount.
Duration: Private car can travel directly for those who want to arrive quickly in just 3 hours. For those who want to make all the stops, the trip normally takes 5 hours. The driver is happy to wait at each destination for as long as you like. Let’s check out Hoi An to Hue private car.


Hoi An – Hue scooter tour can give you the adventurous feeling when exploring the hidden landscapes through rural, coastal and mountainous road. Going on a motorbike tour from Hoi An to Hue can be an amazing experience. You can feel both adventurous, but still safe as you have your tour-guide.

Cost: from 45 US dollars per person (cheaper for more people)

Duration: 7 – 8 hours

Motorbike tour from Hoi an to Hue
Motorbike tour from Hoi an to Hue

Recommended Tours

Easyrider: A high-quality motorbike tours with good tour-guides. You will sit at the back of the bike (Max 1 pax sit behind 1 rider) The price is varied depending on the number of your group.


Cost: from 15 US dollars per motorbike (including motorbike renting fee and fuel)

Duration: 8 – 9 hours

Hire a motorbike to travel from Hoi an to Hue
Hire a motorbike to travel from Hoi an to Hue

Similar to join a motorbike tour is hiring one and travel by yourself. If you choose this way, you can have your freedom to do whatever you want. However, you must consider your safety when there is no local guide going with you.
Note: You can go up to the Hai Van pass to sightsee or pack your motorbike on the coach and go through Hai Van tunnel if you want to be safer.

How to hire a motorbike: Most hotels and homestays will offer motorbike services. Otherwise, you can consider these places below:

1. Hue Scooter Rental

2. Travelfish

3. Hidden Land Travel


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