Trang An – One Of The Best Destinations In Vietnam

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Kayaking on Ha Long Bay

Being one of the most beautiful and attractive karsts in the world, Trang An Vietnam is a special place where majestic mountains, gorgeous limestone caves, and wild streams flowing through the caves. The harmony of stone, river, forest, and sky in this place create a lively natural world full of charm. So, don’t hesitate to visit Trang An right now?

Trang An Ninh Binh

Trang An Ninh Binh

Trang An Vietnam( Ha Long Bay on land) is a regional habitat belong to the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex of Ninh Binh province. It takes about 2 or 3 hours from Hanoi center to Trang An by car. This destination is recognized as the world double-heritage by UNESCO in 2014. This place has experienced about 250 million years of geological tectonics. Therefore, nature has endowed Trang An a magnificent natural wonder of green mountains and blue water. Especially, this place is to conserve and contain many wetland ecosystems, limestone forests, archaeological and cultural relics. Besides the beauty that nature offers, this place also has a and fresh climate to escape the hustle and bustle city.

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

From the Trang An wharf, visitors can take a boat ride to visit a complex of 51 grottos. On both sides of the river, there are mountain ranges. Also, sometimes drops from a light rain fell on the clear, blue water, making the scene more beautiful. Those who have been to Trang An will not forget the beauty of this place.

Trang An Vietnam – A beautiful landscape

Karts tower: Trang An contains a wide range of classical karts land-forms, including spectacular cones, towers, and karst hills. Besides, it is surrounded by a network of closed depressions and valleys interconnected by the system of caves. Some of them are submerged by steep and vertical cliffs. In addition, the karts tower is among the most beautiful and awe-inspiring places in the world. It is a model of its kind and of outstanding global geological significance.

Cave: People have discovered 48 caves in Trang An. Because there are many karst towers collapse and create such mysterious caves inside, which is easy and accessible to go through by riverboat. Each cave is special in size, shape, length, and consists of beautiful stalactites. By small traditional sampans, visitors will have a chance to enjoy the multitude of fascinating carbonate stalactites, curtains, and other decorations that adorn the ceilings.


thien cung cave in ha long bay

Forest: There are many dense rain forests in Trang An. The blending naturally and beautifully of blue water and the forests make the landscape looks like the extensive rice paddy fields bordering the rivers. Therefore, it creates a picturesque patchwork of color in this place.

Cultural value

Exploration of caves at different altitudes has revealed archaeological traces of human activity over a continuous period. Trang An is a special place that contains abundant archaeological pieces of evidence preserved such shells, animal bones, pottery, stone tools, kitchen floor, and human remains. So, it is an extremely valuable documentary treasure to illustrate the way that prehistoric humans interacted with nature. Besides, they demonstrate how the hunters gathered and adapted to the major clinic and environmental change. Especially, these documents have more than 30000 years, at least since the late Ice Age.


Trang An has rich flora and fauna. The terrestrial ecosystem is home to more than 500 floral species, 41 mammal pieces, and 73 reptile species. Besides, aquatic ecosystems include about 30 species of zooplankton, 40 species of a bottom feeder. There are many rare species, including 10 species in Vietnam’s Red Book, especially “Mauremys Sinensis” ( turtle) that need to protect.

Ha Long Bay - Ngoc Vung Island

Ha Long Bay – Ngoc Vung Island

“Kong: Skull Island” film studio

The movie “Kong: Skull Island” tells about Hollywood’s legendary monster. The filmmakers expressed their admiration for the natural beauty of Vietnam and said that they were confident in bringing new features to the film. Therefore, Trang An and other places in Vietnam are the scenes to shot for this film. Kong: Skull Island has beaten all previous records to become the highest-grossing film of all time in Vietnam. The film studio is being restored and opened to tourists to visit.

How to get to Trang An?

You can take a bus from Hanoi ( Giap Bat Bus Station, My Dinh Bus). Or you can take the Open Bus like TheSinhtourist, getting to Ninh Binh about 10 – 11 p.m. You stay one night in Ninh Binh, then get to Trang An tomorrow. If you ride a motorbike, you can rent a motorbike in Ninh Binh, the rental price is about 120000d. The distance from Ninh Binh to Trang An about 7km. Or you can rent a motorbike in Hanoi (80km from Hanoi to Ninh Binh).

Ha Long Bay

Ticket price in Trang An

Ticket price: 200,000 VND for adults and 100,000 VND for children under 1.4 m. This fare includes a boat ride to visit Trang An by waterway across the Sao Khe River. It normally takes about 3 hours (visit 6-9 caves). There are 4 to 5 people per boat.

With a rich history and gorgeous beauty, Trang An is definitely one of the most exciting attractions to visit in Vietnam. It is an ideal destination for tourists loving to fresh your mind, take a rest, and enjoy the scenery. No matter who you are, where do you come from, traveling to Trang An would be a super interesting experience that gives you the feeling of freedom, happiness, and comfort.

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