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Tourists are wearing non la (the conical hat)

If you are traveling in Vietnam and wonder what to buy as souvenirs, here is the list of the most authentic things to buy in Vietnam. We are sure that those are the best souvenirs to buy in Vietnam.

1. Ao Dai – The Cultural Symbol of Vietnam 

The “ao dai” has been Vietnam’s national costume. Once you travel to Vietnam, you may see Vietnamese women, especially high-school students wear ao dai. These days, “Ao dai ” is reformed into many different styles. You can choose the style and color you like. You can buy them in fashion stores and an “ao dai” costs at least 700,000 VND. It’s also one of the most expensive gifts to buy in Vietnam.

Vietnamese girl is wearing ao dai

Vietnamese girl is wearing ao dai

2. Non la (The conical hat) – The best souvenir to buy in Vietnam

Non la is one of the most authentic souvenirs to buy in Vietnam. In the past, people used them in daily life to protect their head from the sun and the rain. Now, they tend to be a souvenir more than a practical thing to use. You can buy them easily in the conical hat village in Hue, souvenir shops or markets every city. Depending on the quality and size, the price at souvenir shops ranges between VND 30,000 and VND 100,000. I recommend that you should buy at the market because it will be cheaper than souvenir shops. However, remember to ask about the price first. Travel tips for tourists when coming to Vietnam may be helpful for you.

Tourists are wearing non la (the conical hat)

Tourists are wearing non la (the conical hat)

3. Silk – A valuable souvenir 

Silk is a very beautiful product that prices are affordable. Colors and patterns are extremely diverse and beautiful. You can buy silk and ask the tailor to make you clothes. 

The price is at least VND 70,000/m for Vietnamese silk and over VND 100,000/m for premium kinds. It depends on the quality of the product. I recommend you to buy in Hoi An silk village. You not only experience the process of making silk but also buy at a reasonable price.

Silk in Vietnam

Silk in Vietnam. Source:

4. Hand Embroideries

Hand embroidery is a type of art that has existed for a long time. The local artisans decorate cloth with a pattern of stitches usually using colored thread. Embroidery pictures are often inspired by nature, daily life, or even portraits of buyers. Besides, they have a very high aesthetic value, especially when used as souvenirs. To get a beautiful hand embroidery, you may have to pay at least 500 000 VND. Some bigger ones can cost more. They are sold in some galleries or souvenir shops. The most reliable one is XQvietnam.

Hand Embroider in XQVietnam

Hand Embroider in XQVietnam. Source:

5. Paintings – An easy-to-buy souvenir

Similar to hand embroidery, paintings are also an ideal choice for souvenirs at a cheaper price. The local artisans use many different kinds of material to make a painting. The most common way, also the basic one is drawing by hand. The themes are diverse and they can also draw the portrait if you want. You can get one only from 50 000 VND. Another kind of panting is rice painting. The artisans arrange dried rice to make a complete painting. It really takes time and effort to do it, so it can be a high-value souvenir. The theme is also about Vietnam landscape, nature, and people. Reliable places to buy rice painting are Nguyenartgallery and Tranhgaongocthao.

Rice painting in Vietnam

Rice painting in Vietnam. Source: nguyenartgallery

6. Vietnam T-shirt – The most-chosen gift to buy in Vietnam 

The T-shirt that printed with a Vietnam’s National Flag is considered as an affordable and practical gift on the list of things to buy from foreign tourists when coming to Vietnam. It is not only cheap but also easy to buy in Vietnam.

It takes about VND 50,000 to buy a shirt and you can buy it at any souvenir shop or local market.

Vietnam T-shirt

Vietnam T-shirt. Source: thoitranghaianh

7. Dry foodstuff – The most tasty souvenir for tourists

Last but not least, we highly recommend you to buy dry foodstuff as a present. Although the food is amazing, they are normally overlooked. The famous dried food in Vietnam is dried cuttlefish, jerky and dried fruits like jackfruit, dried banana, etc. Trust me, they are so tasty. Dry foodstuff is an ideal choice for foreign visitors to evoke the taste of Vietnamese people. It’s easy to buy the food in the supermarket and bring home.

Vietnam dried fruit

Vietnam dried fruit. Source:

In conclusion, we just recommend some of the most authentic souvenirs which can remind you about Vietnam. There are still many interesting things to buy in Vietnam.

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