The Best 4 Villages in Hoi An to Visit

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Tourists with guides in Tra Que Village in Hoi An

If you want to escape from busy life, the countryside is always what you shouldn’t miss when you travel to Vietnam. The peaceful countryside in Vietnam is always the unforgettable thing in tourists’ eyes. Therefore, if you consider Hoian as one of your destinations, you should spend time visiting Hoian countryside including Thanh Ha Pottery Village, Cam Thanh Coconut Village, Tra Que Village, and Kim Bong Village. In addition to enjoying the peaceful and fresh atmosphere in these Hoian villages, you also can have amazing experiences doing their traditional jobs.

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Try Coconut Boat in Cam Thanh Village in Hoian

Try Coconut Boat in Cam Thanh Village in Hoian

Thanh Ha Pottery Village – “Traditional Craft Village”

Thanh Ha Pottery Village is very famous for pottery making in Hoian countryside. Pottery is not just a traditional craft in Vietnam, but also an important mean of livelihood. This Hoian village is located just 3km away from the center of Hoian so tourists can visit this village quite easily. The craftsman in this 500-year-old village has been making a lot of masterpieces. In the past, the emperors in Nguyen Dynasty invited the craftsman to decorate the palaces and make instruments.

While visiting Thanh Ha Pottery Village, you will have a chance to explore traditional potteries making by local people. Also, you can learn how to make pottery by yourself. The ceramic product made by your own hands will be the most fabulous souvenir. 

Make Pottery in Thanh Ha Village Hoi An

Make Pottery in Thanh Ha Village Hoi An

Cam Thanh Coconut village – Go along the River on the Basket Boat

Cam Thanh Coconut village is the most famous one in Hoian Countryside where a lot of tourists visiting everyday. It fame comes from the beautiful and piece coco palm forest. Therefore, it is considered as one of the ecological villages in Viet Nam. Once come there, visitors are always impressed by the beauty of nature.

In this village, you have chance to explore the wetland ecosystem and learn about the daily life of Vietnamese fishermen. Especially, you will know how to ride a basket boat which is one of the special transportations in this village. Is there anything better than the feeling of rowing basket boat through water coco palm forest and enjoying the beauty of nature? That will definitely be an amazing experience ever.

Cam Thanh Village

Cam Thanh Village. Source:

Tra Que Village – A Small Corner of Vegetable in Hoian Countryside

Located 3km away from the center of Hoian, Tra Que is well-known as the only freshest and cleanest vegetable support for Hoi An local foods. Farmers grow vegetables with organic farming techniques. If you fall in love with Hoian local food, you should visit this village to understand why those dishes are so good.

With a short visit to Tra Que, visitors can see how farmers grow vegetables and also take part in watering and growing them. The beauty of the beds of vegetable and tiny flowers is always attractive to tourists. In addition, they also can enjoy coffee which is considered to be the most delicious coffee all over the world. Tra Que village is really special in top 4 Hoian villages.

See the beautiful garden in Hoi An Vietnam

See the beautiful garden in Hoi An Vietnam

Kim Bong Carpentry Village – Fun Cooking Time with Crushed Rice Cracker

The last destination in Hoian countryside tour is Kim Bong carpentry village. There are very special activities waiting for you. This Hoian village is originated in the north of Viet Nam since the 16th century. It is famous for carpentry and artisans working on furniture and houses across the country.

With a short visit to Kim Bong Carpentry Village, you will have a chance to discover how the beautiful carpentry and the talents of the artisans. Also, you can make crushed rice cracker (Bánh đập) which is one of the best dishes in Hoi An and after that, of course, you can enjoy what you have done. That will be a wonderful experience for you.

Crushed rice cracker in Kim Bong Village Hoi An

Crushed rice cracker in Kim Bong Village Hoi An


Let’s look at the table below for more information.

Hoi An villages How to get there Things to do
Thanh Ha Pottery village
  • 10 mins by motorbike
  • 8 mins by car
  • Buy pottery products
  • Make own pottery products
Cam Thanh coconut village
  • 12 mins by motorbike
  • 13 mins by car
  • Try bamboo boat
Tra Que village
  • 10 mins by  motorbike
  •  8 mins by car
  • Walk around the village
  • Know more about Hoian cuisine
  • Enjoy Coffee
Kim Bong Carpentry village
  • 8 mins by motorbike
  •  10 mins by ferry
  • 36 mins by car (Car cannot pass a bridge there)
  • Buy carpentry products
  • Make crushed rice cracker

Note: The time in this table is counted base on the distance. However, in fact, travelling by car is difficult there because the roads are narrow and rough so it can take more time than time theory.

We highly recommend you to visit this chain of traditional activities in Hoian Villages because there are a lot of tours for people who love exploring these villages.  Therefore, if you want to have an unforgettable memory with our team, let’s check out Hoian Countryside Tour.

In conclusion, in addition to Hoian ancient town, Hoian countryside is an amazing destination for tourists. For example, the beauty and peacefulness will melt your heart. Thus, visiting those villages and it will make your Viet Nam travelling completed. In case, you are fond of other cities in Vietnam, take a look through I Love Asia Tour here to get more useful information.