Cao Lau – The Best Hoi An Street Food

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The clients and guides on a Hoi An Tour

When you first arrived by bus at Hoi An, as the bus station is near Hoi An market, you may hear some lilting voices from the sweet ladies in many street vendors. There are some sounds similar to “cow low”, curious much? What you had heard is actually Cao Lau, one of the best Hoi An street food. THE ORIGIN … Read More

Top things to do in Hoi An

ILAStaffTravel Tips

Hoi An Sightseeing Tour with Local Food

Although Hoian is a small city and an ancient town, it is one of the best attractions in Vietnam. You want to visit Hoian, but it is confusing for you to look for beautiful sites or what you should do in Hoi An. The following suggestions about top things to do in Hoian will help you have a meaningful trip. … Read More