The Most Breathtaking Churches in Vietnam

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It may sound strange to read about the most breathtaking churches in a South-East Asian country, yet Vietnam has a long history of colonization and Catholicism. Therefore, the country is dotted with some of the most beautiful churches in the world. We hope that our list of the most breathtaking churches in Vietnam will guide you along your journey. St … Read More

The Unique Charms of Distinctive and Colorful Pagodas in Saigon

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You are hesitating to take a trip because you have no clue for looking for somewhere tranquil and ancient or simply for getting away from your busy life. Leave the hustle and bustle of life, come to hidden temples in Saigon, you would find Saigon no longer busy and chaotic. Thien Hau Temple – The Most Stunning Chinese Temple In … Read More

Ben Thanh market – The Best Attraction In Saigon

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Each city in Vietnam has its own beauty that makes you fall in love. Hanoi capital as many attractive cultural and historic sites. Da Nang city is well-known for a lot of splendid beaches. As for Sai Gon, it is famous for not only quintessential architectural buildings but also diversified dishes. Ben Thanh market is combined by the best quintessence … Read More


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Broken rice in Saigon

Ho Chi Minh is one of the best cities in Vietnam which attracts a lot of foreign visitors because of its beauty, wonderful places, and interesting nightlife. And especially when talking about Ho Chi Minh city, the most amazing feature is food. You know, Ho Chi Minh is deeply famous for delicious and diverse food, meaning that it has a … Read More

What to do in District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City

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Nguyen Hue Walking Street in Saigon

 If Ho Chi Minh City is your next destination, then you cannot miss District 1. It is Ho Chi Minh city’s downtown which attracts a lot of foreign tourists. You will be strongly impressed with interesting activities, luxury hotels and restaurants, delicious street food, lively rooftop bars, and nightlife. So let’s see what to do in District 1? 1. Immerse … Read More

How to spend a perfect 2-day trip in Ho Chi Minh City

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Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, also called Sai Gon is the biggest and busiest city in Vietnam. There are tons of interesting things to do in Saigon. So, if you are planning to visit it for 2 days, you may need some advice to make use up your time. Follow us to see how to spend a perfect 2-day … Read More