Breaking News About Hue’s Creepy Abandoned Water Park

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Creepy Abandoned Water Park in Hue

This is a sad news for people who love thrilling places and thinking of visiting Hue’s creepy Abandoned Water Park. Hue abandoned Water Park is one of the attractive places in Hue. With an amazing architecture and the thrilling atmosphere, it has attracted local people as well as tourists to visit. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to enter Hue abandoned … Read More


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Tu Duc Tomb in Hue

Hue – ancient capital city of Vietnam is famous for its charming beauty with sights of ancient monument, especially royal tombs. There are 7 royal tombs of the Emperor of Nguyen Dynasty scatter along the Perfume River. Visiting all of 7 tombs is impossible in one day so here are the top royal tombs in Hue certainly worth a visit if … Read More

The Secrets of Khai Dinh Tomb – the Last Tomb of Nguyen Dynasty

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Khai Dinh Statue in Khai Dinh Tomb

Nguyen Dynasty is the last dynasty of Vietnam, which leave an enormous amount of heritage sights in Hue city. Therefore, as a former capital of Vietnam, it is easy to find many historical architectures. The most special landmarks in Hue is the Complex of Hué Monuments which includes the Citadel, the Imperial City, and the tombs. Besides the famous Imperial City, visiting … Read More

An Hien Garden House – the Famous Site in Hue

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An Hien Garden House in Hue

Besides the architecture of the citadel, court, mausoleum … of the feudal dynasty; Hue also has a different architectural heritage – it is a garden house – An Hien Garden House. An Hien Garden House is one of the most sites attracting tourists in Hue, since it brings both noble elite and traditional folk colors. The long history of a … Read More

Hue Things to Do at Night

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Hue Citadel at night

Hue city has been known as one of the destinations containing ancient beauty with the majestic and magnificent tombs, romantic natural landscapes captivating people for a long time. However, that beauty seems to be quite familiar to visitors when coming to Hue. Therefore, in addition to visiting famous tourist sites, visitors should try once to set foot down the street … Read More

Top Beach Resorts for Your Trip in Hue

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Lang Co Beach in Hue

Hue is not only well-known for ancient sites but also beautiful beaches. You would like to have a more interesting trip and keep more nice memories with a great resort, but you do not know how to choose a resort in Hue. Do not worry about that! This article will help you reference top beach resorts in Hue. 1.Tam Giang Resort and … Read More

Best Destinations in Hue to Get Out of the Summer Heat

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Our guest and an old local lady in Hue - Hue Countryside tour

Hue is a tropical paradise in Vietnam, which has not only a perfect coastline but also many other retreats such as marvelous waterfalls, calming streams, mysterious forest, and peaceful countryside. This small but interesting city is one of the best destinations for your summer holiday. If you still confuse about where to go and what to do in Hue, these are … Read More