Son Tra Peninsula – Green Jewel Of Danang

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Son Tra Peninsula which is called Tien Sa Mountain is considered as a “Green jewel” of Danang city as well as an attractive destination for tourists. Son Tra peninsula is a jungle with many species of rare animals, pristine and dreaming beaches along with colorful coral reefs. This place is a gift of a natural mother for Da Nang city. … Read More


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Golden Bridge in Danang Vietnam

The Golden Bridge has recently become the most prominent attraction in Danang for Vietnamese tourists as well as foreign ones. This masterpiece has appeared on well-known websites and magazines such as Archway, Design Boom, and Creapills. Especially, the famous architecture website – Archway posted information and spectacular pictures of the Golden Bridge for the topic “Vietnam’s daring golden bridge takes … Read More

Top 5 Must-see Bridges in Danang Vietnam

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Thuan Phuoc Bridge in Danang Vietnam

Danang is considered to be the city of bridges in Vietnam. With the amazing and unique architecture, these man-made bridges become the feature of Danang. Visiting these 5 bridges in Danang should be in your list of what to see in Danang.  1. Han River Bridge – The Only Swing Bridge in Vietnam For a long time ago, the Han … Read More

Marble Mountains Danang Guide – What to expect in the Marble Mountains

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Marble Mountains Danang

It is no doubt that Danang is the most beautiful city in Vietnam with a huge number of attractions and entertainment places. One of the highlight beauty spots is the Marble mountains. In this blog, we will give you a detailed guide to the Marble Mountains in Danang.  Location The Marble Mountains are located about 10 kilometers toward the southeast … Read More