I Love Asia Tour From 2020 – Sustainable Tourism Development Goals

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I Love Asia Tour will reach UN Goals in 2030

From a social enterprise in Hue city, the I Love Hue Tour has grown up and become I Love Asia Tour, which operates tours in Asia countries ( Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia). Despite the rapid growth, I Love Asia Tour still keep the core value of a social enterprise – support the community through tourism. As there are many community problems in Vietnam, I Love Asia Tour continues to develop our community projects and tourism developments as the core values to our team.

Our customers and guides on Hue Street Food Tour

               Our customers and guides on Hue Street Food Tour

During 6 years operation, we have empowered over 200 local female students and hundred of local businesses through our tours.

I Love Asia Tour’s plans from 2020

Our mission ” empowering women through sustainable tourism developments will never changed” when we started in 2014.

While tourism is effecting strongly by Covid 19 pandemic, our company decided to step up again build stronger our community cores and building safety policy to the tourism industry for everyone.

From 2020, I Love Asia Tour is honored develop strongly sustainable tourism development goals through our operations in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

From 2020, I Love Asia Tour will be a center for NGOs and tourism agents can work and support each others. Back in 2014, when our founder/ chairwoman first started I Love Hue Tour, she has a strong spirit for community in the company. And, this is always a strong factor keeps us stronger each day. Our plan is connecting social projects for tourism operations from NGOs combine in the program for our clients. We can not wait to bring more special products to our valuable clients.


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