Survive the Summer Heat With These Top Hoi an Desserts in a Budget

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Chè in Danang - Sweet dessert

When thinking about street food in Hoi An, Cao Lau, Mi Quang, or Banh Mi often comes to your mind. However, Hoi An cuisine is not only about savory food. There are lots of special Hoi An desserts for those who have a sweet tooth. These following delicacies are the best Hoi An desserts that can amaze any traveler.

Tube popsicle – A must-try Hoi An dessert

A common treat in Hoi An which you can find anywhere in Hoi An ancient town. The special thing about this popsicle is that it is formed inside a metal tunnel-shaped tube. To avoid the heat, popsicles will be kept inside a big ice bucket. When you buy it, the seller will pull out a tube, dip it into hot water for a few seconds, and the tube popsicle is ready to serve.


There are plenty of flavors to choose from, however, the most popular one is coconut flavor. When you taste it, you can feel the cool, fresh, and sweetness of a tropical dessert. With just one touch, the popsicle will melt slightly in your mouth, cool off your whole body. Nothing is better than having a tube popsicle on a summer day, just get to the street and you will find one easily.

Sweet Corn Soup – An authentic desserts in Hoi An

As one of the best traditional Hoi An desserts, Sweet Corn Soup is a must-try for any tourist. A bowl of sweet, soft and warm corn soup, with a condensed coconut on top, will definitely make your day. Corn is grown right in Hoi An vegetable village, with the caring of Hoi An farmers. The best corns will become ingredients for Hoi An sweet corn soup. That is the reason why Sweet Corn Soup in Hoi An is always tastier than other areas.


You can find Sweet Corn Soup in Hoi An Ancient Town or in Hoi An Market. The ladies here also serve other traditional sweet soup like taro, beans or banana. Let’s find a sweet soup vendor, sit on a tiny baby chair and enjoy Hoi An Sweet Corn Soup like a local.

Vietnamese Donut – A different taste of donut

Donut is a common and basic sweet in the world, however, Vietnamese Donut may worth a try. There are lots of kinds of donuts which can easily please you. The most famous one is the Hollow Donut, which is just like an airball. The cover is quite crunchy and sweet with sesame, the inside is empty. Moreover, the best feature of this donut is that it is so light and has a special texture. Thus, you will never get bored of the Hollow Donut.


The Vietnamese Donut Vendor is everywhere on the street, especially near the ancient town. Therefore, this is the perfect snack after walking around Hoi An Ancient Town. The price varies from 5.000 VND to 20.000 VND which is really cheap for a light meal inside the ancient town.

Hoi An Fruit Shake – Enjoy fruit in a Vietnamese way

For nature lovers who want something healthy, fresh and natural, you can always have a glass of fruit shake in Hoi An. Just keep in mind that the best fruit shake is not in fancy coffee shops, but in street food vendors. In fact, these vendors only serve one kind of dish, and if they serve fruit shake, then that is all they serve. However, you can find several kinds of smoothies in these vendors. There are many kinds of fruit that you can mix however you want. Moreover, you can choose the way they make your smoothie, usually, it is either blending or just mixing.


The price for a glass of smoothie varies from 10.000 VND to 20.000 VND, quite reasonable for a glass full of high-quality fruit. You can find these fruit shake vendors in any street near Hoi An Ancient Town, it is one of the most popular Hoi An desserts.

“Mot” Herbal Tea – One of the best traditional Hoi An desserts

Mot, or Hoi An herbal tea is a traditional tea made from many different types of Vietnamese herbs. It is pretty easy to recognize this specialty thanks to the Lotus petal on top of any Mot Teacup. Moreover, the Mot Tea is one of the best drink for your health, as there are many benefits of this special tea. Because of the perfect combination of Ying and Yang, this tea can cool you down from the inside, reduce stress, support your stomach, and even cure a hangover.


The best place to enjoy Mot Tea is at a small street vendor in front of a house whose address is 150 Tran Phu, right in the middle of the ancient town. They have their own recipe for this tea, and all the ingredients are from their organic garden. This place is only open from 16:00 and closes when they sell out, which is quite early, so remember to visit the place early in the evening. The price for a glass of Mot Tea is only 10.000 VND so why don’t you give it a try?

Hoi An desserts are the hidden treasure in the cuisine world, so make sure to try at least one of these during your stay in Hoi An. If it is too hard for you to find the best place to enjoy these desserts, just try Hoi An street food tour to have the best cuisine experience with local people. And if Hoi An is not enough for you, let’s go to Hue to explore the Kingdom of royal cuisine.

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