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Ho Chi Minh City - Saigon is the biggest and the most modern city in Southern Vietnam. This city is considered the Vietnam melting pot since people nationwide choose to live there. Thus, thanks to the attractions and the multi-culture, Ho Chi Minh City is also an ideal destination for tourists coming to Vietnam. However, you might feel overwhelmed with the motorbike-tsunami. It's best to have local buddies who will take you to Saigon beauty spots and the hidden lanes as well. 

In I Love Asia Tour, we provide you with our TOP SAIGON MOTORBIKE TOURS with local female riders. Most of these Saigon private tours are half-day including sightseeing, food and culture tour. When you join our tours, 2 USD/pax will be contributed to the environment and gender equality in Vietnam. You can find more information in About Us.

I LOVE ASIA TOUR operated tours in Hanoi, Hue, Danang, Hoi An and Saigon in Vietnam and Luang Prabang in Laos.

Haft Day Tours In Saigon

Sightsee and Enjoy Local Food


Saigon Sightseeing Tour with Local Food cannot be missed in top Saigon tours. On this tour you'll experience the best of Saigon's historic locations with the help of our knowledgable local female guides. It is a great introduction to the city as well as local food! We'll also bring you to a local market so you can learn how to shop like a local. This Saigon private tour won't let you down.


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City Tour With Market


Want to buy amazing gifts for your friends and family at home without missing out on Saigon's interesting history? We have the perfect tour for you! On our Saigon City Tour with Local Market, you don't have to choose between history and shopping! So join us to shop and explore like a local! Most of the customers love this Saigon private tour.

This tour includes local food and traditional Vietnamese coffee.

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Visit Unique Attractions In Saigon


We made our Saigon Unique Day Tour to bring our guests to locations that you might not be able to find on your own. We want to make sure that guests can still experience these hard to find places. If you've already see the historic highlights and want to learn more about the city from a local guide, this is the perfect tour for you.

This tour includes local food and traditional Vietnamese coffee.

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Visit Cu Chi Tunnel From Saigon


The Cu Chi Tunnels were used for many years during the Vietnam War to hide during combat. On this tour, we will take you by car to visit these tunnels and learn about their history. Tourists always ask us about Cu Chi tunnels which are quite far from Saigon Centre. That's why we bring you the Cu Chi Tunnel Tour by Car so you can get there easily. We have carefully chosen a car service to collaborate with so you will enjoy your time!

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 Night Tours In Saigon

Saigon Vegetarian Food Tour


In addition to the Local Food Tour, I Love Asia Tour also provide tourists with Ho Chi Minh City Vegetarian Food Tour which is one of our green and most-chosen products. On this tour, you will explore Ho Chi Minh City by night as well as enjoy some best vegetarian dishes chosen by our local guides.  

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Saigon Local Food Tour At Night


Ranked 1 in top Saigon tours is Saigon Local Food Tour. Saigon has a vibrant street food culture with so many options it can be difficult to find the best places. Luckily, we're here to help! Our local guides know all the best spots so you can eat like a local. 

So come with an empty stomach, because we won't let you leave until you're full!

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Want to take beautiful photos?


Saigon Photo Tour is an ideal tour for those who want to explore stunning attractions and take photos. On this tour, the local female guides will take you to some best places in Saigon so that you can capture the lovely moments in their camera. It's one of the best Saigon tours, really!

This tour includes coffee time and 4 different attractions in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Be our VIP Customer for a Day


On this luxury tour of Saigon our local female guides to keep you relaxed while we teach you about the history of Saigon. This tour includes experiences such as spa treatments, beautiful views, and many more! S come and join our high-quality tour in the most modern city of Vietnam, it's time for you to relax.

This tour includes local food and traditional Vietnamese Coffee.

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Saigon Customized Tours


Saigon Customized Tours

You already have your own ideas about travelling in Saigon?

You need us to manage the program follow your expectations?

Or would you like us to use our expert skills to give you the recommendations for things to do in Saigon?

Leave this job to us! 

Don't hesitate to contact us for the best customized operations in Saigon - the biggest city of Vietnam!

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Why Us ?

When you join our motorbike tour, you'll get a knowledgable and local guide for a low price. It can be expensive to pay for cabs or private cars and many of the best locations are not walkable. Taking a motorbike is cheaper and provides you with 360 degree views of the scenery around you. Besides, there’s no limitation on time while you’re traveling with our lady bikers.

Our guides are extremely helpful and are eager to make sure you have the best experience in their home, Saigon. They do their best to make you feel at home like a local.

Our company's purpose is to bring our tourists to comfortable areas that have less tourists and many local people.



Thoughtfulness Of Our Lady Bikers



Our company’s ladies are not only riders but also helpers and friends who always take care of their motorbike tour guests. Although the duty to concentrate on safety is very important, the ladies would also make effort to make you feel as home.

Receiving the care from these female riders, you shall have new friends during the journey. Together with humour learned from our boss, we hope laughing too much won’t damage your health. Otherwise, tourists not only receive explanation about history and fact about Saigon but also get to know more about daily customs, cuisines and personalities of Saigon's locals.

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About Saigon

The biggest city in Vietnam! Saigon is the former name as local prefer to call this city by this name. After the Vietnam War in 1975, the name Saigon changed to Ho Chi Minh city. Everybody here knows that people from all over Vietnam come to work and live, that’s one of a reason make this city so dynamic and extremely developed. There are a lot of things to discover here, not only history but also the diverse culture made up of many different cultures that have come to live and work together.

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