What to expect in River Cruise along Perfume River Hue Vietnam

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Dragon Cruise along Perfume River in Hue

Have you ever wished to cruise an Oriental boat and enjoy the royal performance? Together with food, music and the high-quality service, river cruises along Perfume River in Hue, Viet Nam, you will have unforgettable experiences in this former capital.

What to expect in River Cruise along Perfume River in Hue?

Depending on the budget, there are two choices which tourists can consider and enjoy the cruise on the cruise in the best way. With the first type, visitors can take part in sightseeing cruise which takes them a long ride from Truong Tien Bridge to Thien Mu Pagoda. If this is the first time you have traveled to Hue and haven’t the idea of enjoying this city, this cruise is yours. During this cruise, you can also learn about culture as well as etiquette. Don’t worry, people can speak English little, they are friendly and willing to talk to you. If you have time, let’s travel this cruise in the afternoon, enjoy the sunset – an impeccable picture, and you will never forget this valuable moment. Besides enjoy the Perfume River, peaceful sceneries, you can also visit Thien Mu Pagoda or Kings’ Mausoleum.

Dragon Cruise in front of Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue

Dragon Cruise in front of Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue. Source: @vqh.quangthu

If you want to get experience the royal moments, let’s book tickets for Dragon cruise – a perfect combination between traditional and modern values: Dragon boats were decorated meticulously; the interior was designed royal style, the engine is bang up to date and is driven by experienced sailors. Tourists seem to get lost in an ancient Oriental royal world and satisfy with the ambiance. Everything will be more interesting if you stay at night, the best time to try spiritual values of Hue people. If you are a big fan of Asian cultures, Hue royal music show is the best choice. After enjoying, let’s drop paper lanterns and make a wish. Lanterns will make a marvelous picture and never fails to impress you. Don’t forget to admire the stars and the fresh air.

Dragon Cruise on the Perfume River at night

Dragon Cruise on the Perfume River at night. Source: webdulichhue.com

Besides the traditional performance, travelers also listen to modern songs that are played by professional musicians. Many strict tourists agreed that nothing is more enthralling than listening to the violin beside the beautiful river.

How to book your cruise?

The cost will fluctuate depending on your choice. If you want to enjoy the Hue music show, it will be 100.000VND. If you want to stroll along the River, the cost will be 250.000 VND and if you want to visit further places such as Thien Mu pagoda or Kings’ Mausoleum, the cost will be higher. However, I think everything will be worthy and your family will get the happiest moments.

To book the cruise cost-effectively, you should make a reservation through a travel agent. I recommend you to try Hue Perfume River Tour with I Love Asia Tour – a reliable tour agent. In my opinion, tourists shouldn’t book directly with boat owners because they might charge you higher prices.

I Love Asia Tour with the Artists in Royal Show

I Love Asia Tour with the Artists in Royal Show

When you enjoy the Hue royal music, don’t forget to learn from the tour guide if you have questions. They are always eager to answer and tell you interesting historical stories. Strolling away this romantic river, you not only feel the peaceful life, fresh air but also listen to fairy tales about this river. Together with beautiful music and tranquil experiences, the cruise will knock out all of your stress.

Don’t hesitate for any minutes! Let’s book a tour and give your family a chance of enjoying the one – of – a – kind cruise.