Phnom Penh Scooter Tours With Local Female Guides

I Love Asia Tour in 2020 has launched the business model to Phnom-Penh,Cambodia by working with locals to be strong in promoting sustainable tourism developments. Empowering more women work in tourism industry and building the gender equality more inclusive in Cambodia. With local guides, we are operating fun and authentic experiences in Phnom Penh by scooter tours to share our best culture to travellers.

We organize day trips & car transfers in Phnom-Penh, Cambodia 


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Joining a City Tour is always a choice of our clients to learn about the history of the city as well as the culture here. Phnom-Penh City Tour By Scooter has operated to you to visit the must-destinations in the city and discover the rich history of the Cambodia's capital especially the Royal palace. The most fun thing is you would discover the city by our scoooter adventure in the city. We can not wait to welcome you!

From 75 USD/pax = 306,000 KHR

Taking a day out to sightseeing all around the different activities within a day with our passinate local guides. There are so many things which we can discover in Phnom-Penh. Our guides know where are the best places to explore. Joining us to experience deeply the capital of Cambodia.

From 70 USD/pax = 286.000 KHR

Experience Phnom-Penh at night by scooter ride is the highlight to discover many local places around the city as well as eating Cambodian local cuisines with our guides. We are offering many activities in this tour to see the nightlife of Cambodians. Joining us to discover the city by local scooter ride.

From 75 USD/pax = 307,000 KHR

If you already have the list to do in Phnom-Penh, cambodia . Do not hesiate to contact us to operate your travels follow the request. Phnom-Penh Customized Tour has designed for our clients can requests the travel's needs for us guide you around the city.

Customized costs

About Phnom-Penh

Phnom-Penh is a busy capital in Cambodia. Here has many histories & culture attract million tourists come to visit Southeast Asia. Phnom-Penh, its walkable riverfront, lined with parks, restaurants and bars, are the ornate Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and the National Museum, displaying artifacts from around the country

Why Us?

First of all, we want to say thanks to anyone interested in Phnom-Penh Tour products.

Phnom-Penh products are designed to let you immersed in the real life of the Cambodian culture. Therefore, there are so many interesting activities are waiting for you. You not only visit some popular destinations but also explore some hidden alleys.
Join us, you contribute to helping small local businesses in Phnom-Penh, Cambodia . The gudies take you to the street food stalls, tasty and safe. We help you to explore how local people earn their living.
The local guides are extremely helpful and do their best to make you feel at home like a local.