Wondering what to eat in Luang Prabang? On our Luang Prabang Food Tour we'll take you to hidden local favorites so you experience the best of Laos food. Join our local female guides to explore like a local. Traveling throughout Southeast Asia? Check out all six of our locations at I Love Asia Tour, operating in Laos and Vietnam.

Tour Summary

This is a 4 1/2 hour night food tour that starts at 4PM and finishes at 8:30 PM. It includes local food and drinks.

Our Luang Prabang Food Tour is perfect for people who love local food. If you want to know what to eat in Luang Prabang but need some help finding places, we'll help you out! When you join Laos Tours, we will show you the best food in Luang Prabang at night during our 4 hour scooter tour. Bring your empty stomach, because we won't let you leave until you're full!


Learn about what to eat in Luang Prabang!

Discuss Laos culture and history with our local female guides

Enjoy the beauty of Luang Prabang at night

What To Expect  & Itinerary

Wondering what to eat in Luang Prabang? On our Luang Prabang Food Tour we'll make sure you learn about Laos food culture, have fun, and leave full! On this tour we will enjoy the following dishes together at six different stops:

- Orlam: this local stew is a Luang Prabang favorite full of flavor made with beef 

- Fresh Salad Local Style: this dish is made with fresh cut papaya, chicken, and local vegetables with herbs for flavor 

- Khao Soi: this pork noodle soup dish is the most famous Laos specialty. It is made with noodles, pork broth and topped with Bolognese 

- Mok Pa: this snack is made out of fish that has been steamed in banana leaf. We'll show you how to unwrap it and enjoy! 

- Local cakes: we will try three different types of local cake, coconut cake, mango cake and sticky rice cake

- Namvam: after all that food, we'll end with a sweet soup as a tasty dessert

4:00 PM

Luang Prabang Food Tour will begin with our local female guides picking you up from your hotel

4:15 PM

We will bring you to our first stop to try the flavorful Orlam - Laos beef stew

5:00 PM

 On our next stop we'll have some local style fresh salad with chicken, papaya, and local vegetables

6:00 PM

Next we will try Laos's famous Khao Soi - local noodle soup with pork

7:00 PM

Our last stop will be for local cakes and dessert at the night market in Luang Prabang

8:30 PM

We will finish our Luang Prabang Food Tour and drop our full guests off at their hotel

Tour Inclusions

Our Luang Prabang Food Tour will include food, drink, tour guides and I Love Laos tshirt. The exclusion is the personal spending and tips 

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Besides joining the Luang Prabang Food Tour, there are plenty of activities to explore with our local guides by the scooter as Luang Prabang  Sunrise Tour or Luang Prabang Buddhism Tour. We also have a fun day tour to explore villages in Luang Prabang; cooking class in Luang Prabang, etc.. Don't hesitate to contact us and go with us NOW!