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Giving Scholarship to Hue University's students

Lien’s Foundation has given the scholarship to three choosen undergraduate students in Hue University of Foreign Languages who have excellent performance at school regardless of their disadvantages.


Our Lien’s Foundation was established on Oct 20th, 2018. With the success of I Love Asia Tour so far, the CEO – Ms.Nguyen Thi Huong Lien wants to do more at the age of 25 and the future. Therefore, she wants to contribute to the Education and Sustainable Tourism. The Lien’s Foundation becomes a non-profit organization for our community projects. The portion 10% of I Love Asia profit will turn to our community projects in Asia. Every year, Lien’s Foundation will do projects to accomplish its missions and visions.
Those following are what Lien’s Foundation belong to I Love Asia Tour wants to fulfill:

  • Empowering young women all over Asia.
  • Helping & supporting local businesses.
  • Mentoring & giving scholarships to the disadvantaged students.
  • Developing a green world in tourism.
  • Asia community projects developments.
  • Investing for social business in Asia.

If you want to know more about this foundation, please visit Lien’s Foundation.


This scholarship is one of the projects of Lien’s Foundation in I Love Asia Tour Company. Its purpose is to support and help the disadvantaged students in Hue University of Foreign Languages. Also, to contribute to the University from which Ms.Lien graduated.

To get the scholarship, the students had to pass 2 rounds. The first one was writing an essay telling why he or she is deserved to receive the reward. From their essay, we knew about their difficulties in life as well as their efforts. Some students have to struggle to many things to study at University since the tuition fee is a burden for them. The 6 chosen students passing the essay round would be interviewed in the second round. Finally, the 3 chosen students would receive the laptops and a scooter as the scholarships. Furthermore, they would be allowed to work at I Love Asia Tour as the interns. All we want is training them well so that they can swim as far as they can in the future.

After the interview round at I Love Asia Tour company
After the interview round at I Love Asia Tour company

The scholarship giving day occurred on Jan 15th, 2019 at Hue University of Foreign Languages. Ms.Lien and some staffs from I Love Asia Tour represented to give the scholarship to the students. Thanks to the attendance of many lecturers and students from Hue University of Foreign Languages, the giving day successfully happened.

Ms.Lien is giving the scholarship to 3 chosen students
Ms.Lien is giving the scholarship to 3 chosen students

It’s best to see the students using the scholarships as the studying aids to achieve the best results in learning and working. We want to say thanks to the sincere sharing of the lecturers from Hue University of Foreign Languages. I Love Asia Tour will keep working hard to and contribute to Education. We all can’t wait to lead these talented students to be successful in the future.

“Together, we will build a better world”

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