Lang Co beach In Central Vietnam

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Lang Co Beach in Hue

Lang Co Beach is a natural attraction of Thua Thien Hue Province that is included in the list of Vietnam national tourist sites. Lang Co beach has been known as a beach with the most beautiful natural and landscape conditions in Vietnam for a long time.


If anyone has once come to the land of Hue ancient capital (dreamland with purple “ao dai”) with the Trang Tien bridge, Huong river, and with the long beach with romantic beauty. It is not possible to visit Lang Co beach which is called “the beautiful person of the fishing village”. Many visitors to Hue were immersed in the scenery in Lang Co, saying that “Lang Co is more beautiful than watercolors”. This is nothing “too wordy” Because this is real.

Lang Co Beach in Hue Vietnam

Lang Co Beach in Hue Vietnam

This place not only brings the mark of a long history of 13 kings of the Nguyen Dynasty but also has the tombs considered as cultural heritage world with folk songs. Besides, there is Hue royal court music recognized as a cultural intangible cultural world. In addition, Hue also has the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

Along the length of the country, Lang Co Beach is a natural landscape of Thua Thien Hue. Lang Co beach has been known as a beach with the most beautiful natural and landscape conditions in Vietnam. With over 10 km of white sand, the vast blue waters of the ocean and rain-forests on the undulating mountains are not enough to describe Lang Co. This is because of the lack of a large mysterious Lap An Lake.

“Lang Co Beach” Location

Lang Co beach is about 8km long, located along with the National Highway 1A, near Hai Van pass and 24km from Bach Ma National Park. This is a white sandy beach and large waves which are suitable for the type of beach tourism, scuba diving. Especially, Lang Co Beach has been identified as an ideal resort for decades.

Lang Co Beach in Hue

Lang Co Beach in Hue. Source: Mytour

Located adjacent to Lang Co beach is Hai Van Mountain – Hai Van Quan is a famous landscape of Vietnam. Along Hai Van Mountain, Lang Co Beach has coral reefs, lobsters, and a variety of high-value seafood. In that area, there is also Son Tra Islet still preserves many kinds of wildlife. Behind the beach is Lap An Lake and Bach Ma Mountain. All these factors give Lang Co a great potential for developing many types of tourism.

The description about Lang Co Beach

Different from Thuan An Beach, Lang Co is a gentle, pristine sea with a smooth white sand, blue sea surface. There are also large rainforests and wild and mysterious mountains.

From Lang Co, on beautiful days, visitors can admire the view of Bach Ma National Park. On highway 1 from Hue to Da Nang, about 60km from Hue, between Chan May West and Chan May Dong, there is an ideal beach and resort named Canh Duong.

An Bang Beach in Hoi An Vietnam

Next to Lang Co beach is Chan May port. Chan May Port has calm water, a wide beach in harmony with the blue sea, and the sound of the forest.

It is said that Lang Co was a former fishing village with many white storks flies to live together. When the French invaded and conquered Thua Thien Hue, they recorded this place on the map.

Lang Co is bordered between Hue and Danang. Therefore, if you can go up the Hai Van pass, they can see the fishing village and Lang Co beach as a picture or panoramic view of Da Nang and Son Tra Peninsula from far. At the top of the pass, visitors not only feel the fresh air but also enjoy many popular dishes.

In order to effectively exploit these beaches, many projects have been implemented such as the road system…

In conclusion, Lang Co will not only be famous for lyrical and romantic beauty but also attract tourists.

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