Japanese Bridge in Hue – Tile-roof Bridge- Thanh Toan Bridge

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Japanese Bridge is located on Thanh Thuy village established in the 16th century. This bridge is one of the most interesting sites in Hue. The Japanese Bridge has other names are Tile-Roof Bridge and Thanh Toan Bridge in Hue.

The structure of the Japanese Bridge

It is an arched wooden bridge with a 17m length and a 4m width and has two sides. Both sides are protected by railings and balconies. One side benches serving for local people or visitors to take a rest. Especially, in the summer, you can seat on the bench and enjoy the light winds making you feel relaxed and comfortable on a hot day. The opposite side is the woman’s altar.

Discovering Thanh Toan bridge in Hue

Visit Thanh Toan Bridge

The history of Tran Thi Dao’s altar

The name of this woman is Tran Thi Dao – a niece of the sixth generation of the Tran family. Mrs. Tran Thi Dao was a wife high-rank of a mandarin in Le Hien Tong’s reign. In the past, among the emigrants from Thanh Hoa following Lord Nguyen Hoang to Thuan Hoa, there were 12 family heads who settled down there to be the 12 initial families of the village. This is a historical story about the origin of Thanh Toan Bridge. Mrs. Dao donated the fund to the village to build a wooden bridge so that the villagers on both sides of the canal could transport conveniently and benighted travelers could rest on their way. Especially, she used her money for charity.

Unfortunately, her husband died early and they do not have any children. Therefore, to commemorate her and following her example, Emperor Le Hien Tong granted the village a document to praise Mrs. Tran Thi Dao and exempted the villagers from many taxes for them. After that, Emperor Khai Dinh ordered the villagers to set up an altar on the bridge to worship her.

Local people rebuilt this bridge

Title-Roofed Bridge is not only an ancient architectural structure with cultural values but also a famous site attracting visitors in Hue city. The local people rebuilt and preserve it many times after it was damaged by wars as well as natural disasters like storms, floods. Thanh Toan Bridge with its tile-roofed has entered into the moods and aspirations of many generations as well as inspired the poetic souls of the local people and travelers, their contents are still handed down among the people or engraved right on the bridge.

The Title-Roofed Bridge is not only an ancient architectural structure with cultural values but also a famous site

Thanh Toan bridge was greatly rebuilt basing on the old design and officially accepted by the Ministry of Cultural and Information as national remains in September 1991. It is considered a beautiful attraction of the whole country.

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