The Meeting of Two Amazing Women – I Love Asia Tour’s CEO and Facebook’ COO Sheryl Sandberg

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Ms.Lien and Ms.Sheryl from Facebook

APEC is probably the biggest event in Danang, you can find many people who have a great influence on the humanity to come to Danang, from the most powerful world leaders such as Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, etc. To heads of the most important enterprises such as Sheryl Sandberg – the COO of Facebook, Mark Konyn – AIA Group, ExxonMobil Robert S. Franklin. Therefore, attending this important event is an important chance to meet and learn from these amazing people. On November 8th, 2017, the I Love Asia Tour (I Love Vietnam Tour before) CEO – Miss Nguyen Thi Huong Lien had the chance to meet and share with Mrs. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, and author of the famous book “Lean In”.


It was a surprise that at the APEC CEO Summit, Mrs. Sheryl Sandberg mentioned the name of a young girl – Lien Nguyen, who is the CEO of a young start-up I Love Asia Tour. Before the meeting, Lien and her company have been in one of the campaigns of Facebook – #shemeansbusiness, which is about women starting businesses. Therefore, the story of Lien – the girl who started a social enterprise with only $100 caught the attention of one of the most powerful women in the world.

The meeting of Ms.Lien and Ms.Sheryl

When receiving the invitation of Sheryl Sandberg, the I Love Asia Tour CEO was really happy that she finally meet someone who has the same vision as her. As expected, the meeting was amazing, Lien thought she would hear and learn from Sheryl Sandberg a lot, however, it was Facebook’s COO who listen to her story. She was impressed by what Lien have done to not only her but also the community at the age of 24. Moreover, they share the same vision of empowering women, as Lien’s company mission is to train female students who want to improve their English and social skills.

Consequently, it was a pleasant surprise when we saw the status of Sheryl Sandberg on her Facebook about Miss Lien:

Ms.Sheryl's post about Ms.Lien

What she said about I Love Asia Tour CEO:

“Small businesses are at the heart of our economies – and create the majority of new jobs all around the world. We recently teamed up with Morning Consult for an Economic Impact Survey to understand how small business owners are growing their companies, hiring more employees, and contributing to their communities. In APAC, 74% of small businesses report that being on Facebook helped them increase sales and nearly 70% of small businesses that use Facebook start hiring more employees. I met with businesses in Vietnam – and these numbers came to life.

Lien Nguyen (who is all of 23!) founded I Love Asia Tour, a company that gives motorbike tours in four cities. Her mission is to empower women and guess what? All 75 of her drivers are women. Lien started her business in 2014 with just $100. Now she uses Facebook and Messenger to book tours and runs a Group to keep in touch with customers. She has even found most of her employees through Facebook.”

 – Sheryl Sandberg –


After the meeting, Lien got more energy and inspiration than ever, especially when she received an email from Sheryl Sandberg on the day after. The I Love Asia Tour CEO was now more mature, confident, and will believe in her path for a better world. When everyone said it is difficult when Lien started a social enterprise, however, Lien believes in the value which I Love Asia Tour will bring to the community. And that is how I Love Asia succeeded, we chose the harder but unique path.

Ms.Lien in aodai

Small businesses, like Kepler’s, are the backbone of our economy and the heart of our communities – so when they succeed, everyone wins. I believe if more women lean in, we can change the power structure of our world and expand opportunities for all.” -said Sheryl Sandberg.

Now Lien is supported by the Facebook team in Vietnam to advance her business to a new level, thanks to Mrs. Sandberg. What the COO of Facebook said is true, when women succeed, they will support others, and make the world becomes a better place. Like how Sheryl Sandberg helps Lien with the Facebook Ad, or how Lien and the I Love Asia Tour team support the community. Therefore, these amazing women make us believe in a bright future for women leaders.

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