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Whether you're looking for Hue Tours, Day Trips, Tour Packages or Activities in Hue, you can find whatever you need from our selection of Hue Tours on Scooters, Walking or Private Car with our local guides. Our local guides from I Love Asia Tour are extremely helpful and are eager to make sure that you have the best experience in their hometown of Hue.

Hue Tours

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If you have limited time in Hue but still want to discover the most, Hue Sightseeing Tour with Local Food is a perfect choice for you. On this tour, you will discover some destinations which are highly recommended by locals. Then, the guides will take you to the food stalls to try some different local dishes.

From 37 USD/pax = 888.000 VND

Explore Hue City for 6 hours

For those who love discovering Hue beauty spots, Hue City Tour would be their cup of tea. It is one of our best selling Hue tours and has received a lot of good reviews from customers. Tourists will be taken to some destinations in Hue including famous ones and hidden ones. The tours, as mentioned above, will have local female guides. Lunch is also included in this tour.

Hue City Tour

Visit the "Forbidden Purple City"


The Imperial City is the most famous destination in Hue. No trip to the city is complete without a visit! Therefore, if you haven't been there yet, this Hue Imperial City tour is a perfect choice for you. The local guides will teach you all about the past dynasties that lived and ruled here. We'll make sure you get the royal treatment.
This tour includes traditional Vietnamese coffee and local food.

Hue Imperial City Tour

Admire the Peaceful Sunrise


Even if you don't like waking up early, our Hue Sunrise Tour is worth it! You will catch the most precious moment in Vietnam - the country you are traveling in. Our local female guides will pick you up early to bring you to the Tam Giang lagoon. From here we'll take a boat on the lagoon to admire the sunrise. We'll end our morning with breakfast. Then we will drop you off at your hotel.
This tour includes traditional Vietnamese coffee and local food.  

Hue Day Tour With Sunrise Admiring

Learn about Buddhism in Hue


In addition to some common tours, in this list of Top Hue Tours, we want to introduce you Hue Buddhism Tour. This tour can help you have an overview of Vietnam Buddhism and visit some pagodas in Hue. The local guides will take you to several Buddhist sites to learn more about this part of our culture. This tour includes local vegetarian food.

Buddhism Tour from Hue

Experience Local Life


There is so much to see in Hue outside the downtown. On our Hue Half Day Tour, we'll take you outside the urban area to experience local life. We'll take you to different villages and go on a local boat adventure. Our guides will teach you about local religions. You'll visit Buddhist pagodas to learn about beautiful architecture. So if you want to have an authentic experience in Hue, join us!

This tour includes traditional Vietnamese coffee and local food.

Countryside Hue Half Day Tour


Explore Hue Through the Lens Of Camera


Do you love photography? Would you like to capture the best moments in Hue? Then join Hue City Tour Half Day (Photography Tour), perfect for all levels of photography from beginner to expert! The local guides will take you to explore all the alleys and corners with our photography tour by scooters is a unique way to capture beautiful moments here.

Hue City Tour Half Day for Photography Lovers


Learn To Make Pottery


If you want to experience the pottery making, you shouldn't miss the Pottery Tour in Hue. We will take you to the Hope Center where you learn how to make pottery products. This center supports the disabled community in Hue, especially the deaf community. Therefore, you are doing some meaningful things to them while you are on tour. We'll teach you some basic sign-language to help you get to know the local staff. So come with us to learn about pottery!
This tour includes traditional Vietnamese coffee and local food.

Pottery Tour in Hue

Cook The Best Hue Foods With Local


Do you love Vietnamese food? Are you sad to leave it behind when you return to your home country? Then join our Hue Cooking Class Tour, so you can make your favorite dishes on your own, just like local people! All of our wonderful teachers are local chefs who are passionate about food. So come and join us to learn about Vietnamese Cooking!

Vietnamese Cooking Class with Market Tour in Hue

Hue Vegetarian Cooking Class Tour


This vegetarian food cooking class tour cannot be missed on Top Hue Tours. If you're a vegan/vegetarian and love to cook, we have an ideal tour for you! On our tour, you'll learn how to cook Hue specialties with the help of a skilled local chef. After our class, we’re sure you will be able to cook many kinds of vegan Vietnamese food at home.

Vegetarian Cooking Tours by locals Hue

Enjoy VIP Treatment


On our Hue VIP Tour, we will treat you to a private tour with our local guides. From landscapes to food, we'll show you the best of Hue on this tour. On the back a motorbike, you will have time to immerse yourself in all of the beautiful scenery along the way to our unique attractions.

This tour includes traditional Vietnamese coffee and local food.

VIP Hue to go tour


Eat Like a Local!


This Street Food Tour is one of the top Hue tours in our company. We're so good at feeding our guests that our Hue Street Food Tour is one of our best selling tours! Join us to experience local food at five unique locations. At each stop, our local female guides will teach you about Vietnamese food culture. Along the way, you'll see amazing views of the Imperial City, Trang Tien Bridge and many other famous locations in Hue.

So come hungry because we won't let you leave until you're full!

Hue Street Food Tour

Try Hue's Unique Dishes


In addition to some famous dishes, there are many other hidden and delicious food in Hue. However, it may be hard for tourists to find out those dishes by themselves. Therefore, we provide you with our Hidden local Hue food tour. You might be addicted to them once enjoying. You hardly find them in other places, so don't miss them when you are in Hue. 

Hue Food Tour with Unique Dishes

Do you Love Vegan Food?


Hue is the paradise of vegan food with a large number of dishes. People cook them skillfully with both the traditional and modern recipes. Join this tour, you will enjoy many tasty vegan dishes. We will take you to the best vegetarian restaurants so that you can eat like a local. We receive many positive feedbacks from our previous customers, so you can rely on us. Come hungry, because we won't let you go home until you're full!

Vegan Food Tour Hue

What to do in Hue at night?


Hue keeps its charm and peacefulness at night. It lights at night, from the Truong Tien bridge to the colors of lights on the streets. There are many beautiful things to see at night. If you’re not sure what to do, let us show you around our city! On our Hue by Night Tour, we will take you to the most entertaining activities at night such as visiting the Hue Imperial City, traveling on the Perfume River by dragon boat with locals, exploring the Hue Night Market, tasting the royal coffee at the citadel, listening performances from locals and walking around Walking Street. 

Tour Hue City by night


You already have your own ideas about travelling in Hue?

You need us to manage the program follow your expectations?

Or would you like us to use our expert skills to give you the recommendations for things to do in Hue ?

Leave this job to us! 

Don't hesitate to contact us for the best customized operations in Hue- our former capital of Vietnam!

Customized Tours in Hue


Get to Phong Nha Caves from Hue?

Explore one of the most breathtaking caves in Vietnam with our private full day tour. The tour departs from Hue city and includes 1 stopover at La Vang Holy land in Quang Tri province. Our local guides will help you discover Phong Nha caves in the best way.

Phong Nha Caves Tour from Hue

Bach Ma National Park Tour from Hue

One of the most stunning destinations in Hue is Bach Ma National Park. Because it's quite far from the city centre, it's usually overlooked. However, with our private full-day Bach Ma National Park tour, we will help you have a great trip to it.

Bach Ma National Park Tour

Travel from Hue to Hoi An by motorbike

Join our Hue to Hoi An tour by motorbike to have a real cool trip through Hai Van pass. With our local and professional guides, you will have a safe and interesting trip from Hue to Hoi an by motorbike.

Hue to Hoi An tour by motorbike

About Hue

Hue is one of the most famous destinations in central Vietnam that attracts many tourists every year because of its rich history as the ancient capital of Vietnam. Additionally, the city is a paradise of amazing local cuisine with many unique dishes. 

Hue had been recognized as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO for its important role in Vietnamese history. It is well-known as the royal city in Vietnam, however, there are many other noteworthy attractions to keep you occupied in the city. Join one of our many tours in this amazing city to learn more!

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When you join our scooter tour, you'll get a knowledgeable and local guide for a low price. It can be expensive to pay for cabs or private cars and many of the best locations are not walkable. Taking a motorbike is cheaper and provides you with 360-degree views of the scenery around you. Besides, there’s no limitation on time while you’re traveling with our lady bikers.

Our guides are extremely helpful and are eager to make sure you have the best experience in their home - Hue. They do their best to make you feel at home like a local. Our company's purpose is to bring our tourists to comfortable areas that have fewer tourists and many local people.

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