Hue Street Food Tour

Hue city, located in Central Vietnam is famous for the magnificent Imperial City. However, the local cuisine in Hue is also outstanding. Many visitors have returned Hue just because of the foods! The local cuisine in Hue is so diverse and tasty that Hue can be considered as a food paradise in Vietnam. People believe that the Nguyen Emperors had their meals with different dishes every day so there are many kinds of dishes originated from Hue.

Thus, even if you are not an avid foodie, you will fall in love with the foods there. One of the most popular choices among visitors is Hue Street Food Tour. The tour offers you an overview of Hue cuisine and chances to try the best dishes. On the tour, the local guides will take you to some local restaurants for the taste of the best street food in Hue Vietnam.

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Hue Street Food Tour

Hue Street Food Tour Summary

During the tour, we will take you to 5 different food stalls. You will not only enjoy the famous dishes but also the hidden ones which you hardly find out by yourself. At each stop, we will have time to enjoy the food and the guides will introduce that dish to you. You also have an overview of Hue nightlife on this tour. Make sure that you come with your empty stomach so you can try everything on the tour!

Hue Street Food Tour is one of our best sellers and gains a lot of excellent reviews from our clients. We can not wait to welcome you

Duration:  about 4 hours


Enjoy the best street food in Hue Vietnam and relax with some Vietnamese beer

Sightsee Hue city by night

Discovering the best local spots with our passionate and friendly local guides

Bánh lọc gói Huế

Private Car Tour


Group of more than 2 people

Hue Street Food Tour Itinerary

You will enjoy the best street food in Hue Vietnam. Check out the menu below:

- 6:30 PM: Our team will pick you up at your hotels/guesthouses/ hostels...and introducig about the tour programs.

- 6:35 PM -10:30PM : The duration of Hue Street Food Tour At Night . Our local guides will take you to visit 5 different local restaurant to discover the Hue local cuisines. Here are the menu which we will enjoy bellow:

- Hue Royal cakes: the 3 famous Hue royal dishes Bánh bèo, nậm, lọc. We offer you the royal treatment as these dishes were served to the Emperor in ancient times but are now enjoyed by all people in Hue.

- Khot cakes ( bánh khọt): This is the mini pancakes which are very special in Hue . Eating the cake with rice paper & Vietnamese salad is make the food become so tasty. It is difficult to track down without a local guide so, of course, we take you there!

- Vietnamese BBQ: what would a food tour be without some local beer? So this will be added to the menu too!

- Hue Noodle Soup ( bún bò Huế) :  It is the symbol of Hue food. A perfect soup with noodles and meat.

- Local Sweet Soup ( chè Huế) : a sweet dessert in Hue city with 20 different kind of flavors. This is a very famous dessert in Vietnam.

Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies.

If you want to skip or replace any dishes above with new ones, please consider our Hue Customized Tour. Based on the real condition in Hue and our experience as we are locals, we will help you have the best tour that will fit your interest. 

Hue is a very popular and beautiful city in Vietnam, but more than the appearance, people are crazy about the amazing food of Hue. In fact, many have visited again just because of the local cuisine. There are several dishes which you must taste while you are in Hue, but we have picked the most special 5 dishes, without that you Hue Food Tour is incomplete. During the tour, we will make you visit the following 5 food counters.

Royal Cakes of Hue: What could be better than getting the royal treatment in the town? There were three popular dishes in Hue which were served to the king namely nam, Banh Beo and loc, but now you can enjoy these dishes while your visit to Hue. These are a must try.

Bành khot: Khot cakes are simply the pan cakes which are served with the rice paper and the traditional Vietnamese Salad which makes it even tastier. It is one such local food which is difficult to find without the guidance of a localite.

Vietnamese BBQ: It is not possible to complete a Hue tour without trying the local beer out there, and hence we thought that this must be a part of our food Check list.

Noodle Soup: The local Noodle soup is very popular in Hue which is served with meat. It is commonly called bun bo hue.

Sweet Soup: Is it possible to end a meal without a dessert? Of course, not! While in Vietnam, you must try the sweet soup which is the specialty of Hue and served in 20 different flavours.

Our customers and guides on Hue Street Food Tour
Banh Beo Nam Loc Hue Foods

Hue Sweet Dessert - Chè Huế


- Special request (diet or vegetarian, etc) should be sent before your departure date.
- The itinerary can be changed due to weather, and operating conditions.

Tour Inclusions

Hue Street Food Tour will include food and drink listed above, tour guides and I Love Vietnam tshirt. The exclusion is the entrance fees, the personal spending and tips 

Cancellation Policy

- Cancellation 48 hours or more before tour start time: Full refund.
- Cancellation between 24 and 48 hours before tour start time: 50% refund.
- Cancellation 24 hours or less before tour start time: No refund.