Hue Special Tour With Lovely Deaf Couple

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I Love Asia Tour in Hue totally believe that everyone can enjoy the tours and deaf people are no exception. Actually, we have just had  HUE SPECIAL TOUR WITH LOVELY DEAF COUPLE. We both had an amazing time with each other using sign language.

Learning a lot from Hue special tour 

This is one of the most special tours of our company. Our beloved guests are the deaf couple: Christina Epley Moreau from USA and Chul Moreau from Korea. We know the difficulties when people travel to other countries, especially for the language barrier.


However, with the enthusiastic hearts, we always come up with many wonderful ideas for the community. A day guiding the tour in sign language we know ” the beauty of silent”, we know how hard deaf people face when traveling and how happy while talking in sign language.

Beautiful memories with deaf clients visiting Hue city, Vietnam

Unlike other tours, we just used sign languages to communicate. Although Duyen and I just learned sign language and understood a little about it, we could totally know their feelings. We saw the brightness in their eyes when Christina Epley Moreau and Chul Moreau met us at the coffee shop, when Miss Lien introduced all the attractions by sign language or when they enjoyed the meal.


Here was what Christina written:

” Super fun tour with Lien and her lady riders!  Since we are Deaf, we really appreciate being able to do a tour in sign language as Lien knows sign language and introduced us to other Deaf people. The coffee and lunch were delicious, and it was wonderful to support a business that gives jobs to women!” I have had an amazing opportunity to guide a couple of deaf people in sign language.”

All the I love Hue tour staff were attracted by sign language so all of us were excited about learning one popular sentence: “I am beautiful”. Therefore, after this tour, we will be professional by describing this sentence using sign language.

Thank you a lot Christina  Epley Moreau and Chul Moreau, we have learned a beautiful language. Let sign language be brighter and widely popular. Let’s keep your smile everywhere you go, I really love the sunshine in your smiles.

Hue Tour with guides

Hue Tour with guides

All of above information gives you the overview of Hue special tour with the lovely deaf couple. If you are curious about tours like that and want to have more experience exploring Hue, let’s go with lovely and active lady riders of I Love Asia Tour Company to enjoy more great things in  Hue Tours

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