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Our lady bikers and the customers on motorbikes

Half day tours are always on top choice of travellers. They are convenient and enough for tourists to have an overview of the destination. If you are looking for the best half day tours in Hue. Here are some suggestions for you.



Duration: 8: 30 AM – 2: 30 PM

Price: $32 per person

Hue City Tour is a popular choice for travellers while travelling in Hue. This half day tour gives you an overview about Hue life and its attractions. If this is your very first time travel to Hue, we recommend you to try this tour. We will pick up at your hotel and show you around Hue by motorbike. Car service is also available if you wish. Our destinations on this tour are Thuy Chanh Village (near Thanh Toan Bridge), Khai Dinh Tomb, Vong Canh Hill and Tu Hieu Pagoda. We finish the tour with a friendly lunch in a local restaurant.

See detailed itinerary and reviews in Hue City Tour

2 lovely customers of I Love Asia Tour joining Hue City Tour
2 lovely customers of I Love Asia Tour joining Hue City Tour


Duration: 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Price: $35 per person.

Spend time for relaxing in Hue countryside is really cool. Hue is a peaceful and quite province, so the countryside can bring you a half day immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. We will take you to several sites where you can find interesting. During this tour, you will learn about real life as well as the customs of local people through their lifestyle. Our tour begins with salt coffee at a coffee shop with amazing shares about Vietnamese culture. And then, we come to Thuy Chanh Village to visit rice field and local market. The next destinations are Standing Buddha Temple, Vong Canh Hill and Tu Hieu Pagoda.

See the detailed itinerary and reviews in Hue Countryside Tour.

Our guest and an old local lady in Hue - Hue Countryside tour
Our guest and an old local lady in Hue – Hue Countryside tour


Duration: 8: 30 AM – 1: 00 PM

Price: $35 per person

This half day tour belongs to the cooking and eating tours in Hue. If you want to know their recipes, learn how to cook Hue food and successfully make those dishes at your home, this Hue Cooking Class Tour is the best choice. With the detailed instruction of our local chef we are sure that ou can grab the key to cook some typical Hue dishes. Firstly, we will take you to the local market where the locals buy and sell goods everyday. We will buy fresh ingredients from here. Cooking time is the most interesting part in this tour. We are looking forward to see your talent. Enjoying Hue special food made by yourself is actually a wonderful experience in your trip.

Check Hue Cooking Class Tour if you are a cooking lover.

Cooking Class Tour in Hue
Cooking Class Tour in Hue


Duration: 8: 30 AM – 2: 00 PM

Price: $45 per person

Apart from tasty cuisine and beautiful landscapes, Hue is also famous for its religion – Buddhism. Maybe you have not known that Hue is one of places having strongest belief in Buddhism in Vietnam. Therefore, there are hundreds of pagodas, temples and vegetable restaurants here.

Joining in our Hue Buddhist Tour, you will visit most famous pagodas with unique architecture for a long time ago. Moreover, our tour guides still reveal hidden stories on daily life of nun. Your Hue Half Day Tour to these pagodas will be a memorable experience.

Click on Hue Buddhist Tour for more information and reviews

Our customers are meditating in a Pagoda in Hue Buddhist Tour
Our customers are meditating in a Pagoda in Hue Buddhist Tour


Duration: 8: 30 AM – 2: 00 PM

Price: $35 per person

For the purpose of catching every fascinating images in hue, I love Asia Company has created Hue Photo Tour. Since we are local people, we know exactly where to capture the best moments in Hue. You just need to get on our motorbike, we are sure that youhalf day in Hue will be amazing. You will be showed around Hue city on motorbike by our lady guides. Enjoy the air and sightsee as much as you can.

For those who love taking photos, this is a shouldn’t miss hlaf day tour in Hue to take great photos on not only breathtaking landscapes but also simple daily life of local people.

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Our guest is taking photos in Hue Photo Tour
Our guest is taking photos in Hue Photo Tour

Some reviews from our customers on Tripadvisor

MelbourneCam review about Hue Buddhist tour. “We had a great day on this tour. Our guide Van was outstanding, she is very knowledgeable and made sure we had everything we needed. This was an amazing experience and we thoroughly recommend doing this tour for something different where you’re in Hue. Lien arranged for us to do this tour by car which was very much appreciated.”

Another one from Rikke B about Countryside Tour, “We did 6-hour tour on scooters with two lady bikers and saw many interesting places where there weren’t many tourists. They drove very responsibly and spoke English quite well. We support the good work this company does to empower Vietnamese women. We had a wonderful Vietnamese dinner, including hot pot, with the very nice guides. Thanks for a great tour which we highly recommend.”



Duration: 6: 30 AM – 10: 30 PM

Price: $35 per person

Food tour in Hue is on top must-do list for travellers. We have a great Hue Street Food Tour for tourists who like enjoying new food. This is a 4-hour night food tour introducing you to 5 local food stalls in Hue. During the tour, female tour guides will show you around Hue city by night on motorbikes, help you know more about Hue culture. In addition, the most important part is trying 7 different local dishes. At each food stop, you will enjoy the food as well as listen to the introduction to the Hue’s well-known specialties. The menu includes Hue royal dishes (Banh beo, nam, loc), Banh khot (Vietnamese mini savory pancakes), Bun bo (Hue beef noodle), Hue BBQ, Hue Sweet dessert.
See the itinerary and customers’ reviews in Hue Street Food Tour

Beo Nam Loc in Hue Local Food Tour
Beo Nam Loc in Hue Local Food Tour


Duration: 6:00 PM – 10: 30 PM

Price: $30 per person.

Have you ever enjoyed Hue’s beauty at night? It’s the connection of modern and traditional beauty with bright lights of the city. You can see more bustling life in Hue after when there are a lot of joys to feel. Enjoying Perfume River by dragon boat, visiting Hue Night Market are interesting activities in your Hue by Night tour. Besides, you will have awesome experiences from local performances or tasting royal coffee. Have you heard about popular Walking Street having crowed bars for foreigner, noisy streets by music bands at the weekend? All of these leisure-time activities you will do through our Hue by Night.

See more in Hue by night tour

Our tourists and lady bikers on Hue By Night Tour
Our tourists and lady bikers on Hue By Night Tour


Duration: 2: 00 PM – 8: 00 PM

Price: $35 per person

On this tour, you will visit most famous destinations in Hue. Delightful sceneries in from local places to hidden corners is all explored on motorbike tours with lady bikers. Some particular places are Khai Dinh Tomb, Vong Canh Hill – overall view Perfume River, and Tu Hieu Pagoda. And then, you will try local street food such as Khot Cake, beef noodle. The combination between beauty spots and delicious food must have made your half day tour in Hue more memorable.

Detailed itinerary in Hue half day sightseeing tour

Our customers and lady bikers on Vong Canh Hill in Hue Sightseeing tour with local food
Our customers and lady bikers on Vong Canh Hill in Hue Sightseeing tour with local food


Duration: 6:30 AM – 10:00 PM

Price: $45 per person.

Hue Royal Show is a series of activities discovering royal culture and custom of royal city. Being on the top of awesome tours from Hue, Royal Show tour introduces traditional values of ancient royal life. You will enjoy royal music while visiting around Perfume River by boat. Putting lovely lantern candle in the river and then learning its hidden meanings make you have more new experiences in Hue. Moreover, taking part in Ao Dai Show, tourists have chances to see Vietnamese beautiful traditional dress.

See the itinerary and reviews in Hue Royal Show Tour

Hue Royal Show
Hue Royal Show


The means of transport we will use on most of the tours is motorbike with lovely lady bikers. They’re good drivers who are carefully selected by our company, so you will have safe trips all the time. Moreover, having good knowledge about Hue, our lady bikers are willing to share information for everything you ask. They pick you up at your hotel and then drive you different places by motorbike. You also have available helmet before every tour.

Besides, if you are not interested in travelling by motorbike, our company will provide you Hue Car Services. You can go on a tour by car with our tour guides. For safer long distance trips from one city to another city, we believe this service will be your top choice.

We have some options for Hue Car Services by private car:

  • Hue to Hoian and vice versa.
  • Hue to Phong Nha and vice versa.
  • From Hue to Hue Phu Bai Airport
  • Hue to Danang Airport
  • Hoian to Danang Airport.

On every tour, you are prepared some available things such as T-shirt, food and drink, tour guide, helmet. However, our company is not responsible for your entrance fees and personal spending. If you would like specific itinerary of these tours, please access our websites from available links above. You can also find out many other tours on our main website I love Hue Tour.

Book tours by directly contacting with us through:


Whatsapp: 0394 323 030.

We hope that you are satisfied with our services. Thank you so much.

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