Hue Cooking Class Tour

Vietnam is famous for its delicious food with local dishes varying from city to city. On our Hue Cooking Class Tour, we will teach you how to make some of these local favorites. Traveling throughout Southeast Asia? Check out all six of our locations at I Love Asia Tour, operating in Laos and Vietnam.

Tour Summary

Hue is famous for its position as the ancient capital of Vietnam. The presence of the royal family had a significant influence on the local cuisine. On this half-day cooking tour, we will teach you how to cook the unique local dishes. All of our chefs are patient and experienced, perfect for all cooking skill levels. So come and join us to learn how to cook like a local!


Buy ingredients at a local market

Learn how to cook three famous Hue dishes

Eat your delicious food!

What To Expect & Itinerary

On our Hue Cooking Class Tour you will have the following experiences: 

- You will have a chance to look around the Dong Ba market where we will buy our ingredients.

- We will go to a lovely garden restaurant to meet our friendly local chef.

- We will learn how to cook local dishes. We’ll email you the recipes so you can make them at home too!

- Enjoy the food we have just cooked. 



8:30 AM

Pick up the guests and talk about the tour program

8:40 AM

Visit Dong Ba market, the biggest and most famous market in Hue. 

9:30 AM

Go to a lovely restaurant to learn how to make traditional Hue cakes with our lady bikers. 

10:00 AM

Start our cooking class with a friendly local chef. We will show you how to cook three Hue dishes.

11:00 AM

Enjoy your lunch with your own dishes you have just cooked.

1:00 PM

Finish the tour and drop you at the hotel. We will send you the recipes through your email.

Tour Inclusions

Our Hue Cooking Class Tour will include food, drink, tour guides and I Love Hue tshirt. The exclusion is the personal spending and tips 

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