How to spend a perfect 2-day trip in Ho Chi Minh City

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Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, also called Sai Gon is the biggest and busiest city in Vietnam. There are tons of interesting things to do in Saigon. So, if you are planning to visit it for 2 days, you may need some advice to make use up your time. Follow us to see how to spend a perfect 2-day trip in Ho Chi Minh City.


What to do in the morning

Start your first day in Ho Chi Minh with a local breakfast. There are a lot of dishes to enjoy. You can try Bun Moc at 373 Hoang Sa Str in District 1.

Next, one of the most interesting activities when visiting Ho Chi Minh city is to experience Ho Thi Ky flower market (District 1) which is one of the biggest flower markets in Ho Chi Minh city. And if you pay a visit to this market, you can feel its vast and chaotic expanse. This can make you have a sense of immersing yourself in people’s lives here.

Ho Thi Ky Flower Market

Ho Thi Ky Flower Market – Source: vntrip

After visit Ho Thi Ky Flower Market, sit down at a cafe and enjoy a cup of coconut coffee – the best coffee in Saigon. The best cafe we recommend is Cong Cafe. This coffee brand presents everywhere in Saigon, so you can find it easily.

The last destination in the first morning is Mong Bridge (District 1). It is the most famous historic bridge and connects 2 districts of Ho Chi Minh city. Especially, you will be attracted by the railing on the bridge which is an attractive and riveted design.

Mong Bridge in Saigon

Mong Bridge in Saigon – Source: HTV

You can join Saigon City tour with Local Market (lunch included, breakfast excluded) with the female local guides. It’s more convenient and helps you reach some destinations easier by motorbike. But I still suggest going around Saigon by yourself in the first morning. That’s cool!

Recommended things to do in the afternoon

It’s quite hot to go out early in the afternoon. It’s better if you start exploring at 3 or 4 PM. You can explore Thu Thiem urban area in District 2. Visit there, you can know about the ecological urban area with the canal system, which is a wonderful thing for people who is a nature lover.

Thu Thiem Tunnel in Saigon

Thu Thiem Tunnel in Saigon. Source:

Next, explore The BLOQ. Located in the middle of Thao Dien Town in District 2, BLOQ is a new destination for you to explore. It’s a vibrant place where you can eat, shop, work and play.

BLOQ in Saigon

BLOQ in Saigon. Source:

In the evening

You can discover street food at night because you can find a variety of stalls in every corner of the city. Sitting on the sidewalks and eating hot grilled chopped fish, hot dog, sticky cream,… is definitely a memorable experience for you. If you are a huge fan of uproarious activities, a rooftop bar is suitable for you. You can listen to mellow lounge music, try classy cocktails, have a great point to watch the sunset over the bustling metropolis below. I am sure that a dance floor is an indispensable thing in a fantastic atmosphere. You can also choose Saigon Local Food Tour at night. That’s a good choice to enjoy many kinds of tasty food.

Saigon Street Food

Saigon Street Food


In the next day, I suggest that you should join a half-day tour from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM (lunch included). You can take a look at Saigon Sightseeing Tour with Local Food. That’s a perfect combination of sightseeing and enjoying foods.

If you prefer discovering yourself, let’s see these recommendations below.

In the morning and afternoon

Visit the center post office in District 1. People enjoy taking photos here because it is a unique architecture in the colonial period of the French in Vietnam mixed between Eastern and Western style.

Central Post Office in Saigon

Central Post Office in Saigon. Source: wikimapia

Besides, you can go to the Independence Palace in District 1. It is considered as the must-see historical witness which travelers should spend time when visiting Ho Chi Minh city and if you are keen on finding important events of Vietnam war, it’s a great choice for you. Go to District 3, you may find it interesting to discover Le Thi Rieng Park or Tan Dinh Church.

Tan Dinh Church in Saigon

Tan Dinh Church in Saigon. Source: Foody

The last afternoon in Saigon, you should pay a visit to District 5 where the China Town is located. It’s a beautiful town with houses decorated in China style. You cannot miss visiting Ba Thien Hau Pagoda there. That’s a must-see place according to the local people. Spend time going for a walk in Nguyen Hue Walking Street – the biggest walking street in Saigon. You may expose clearly to the life of the local people, especially the young in Ho Chi Minh City.

China Town in Saigon

China Town in Saigon. Source: blog.rever

The evening in the second day in Saigon

In the evening, you should have dinner cruise where you have luxurious dinner on the boat cruise along the Saigon river. Moreover, you can enjoy different views of Saigon nightlife. Another way to admire the whole city view is that you can contemplate from the 49th floor of Saigon Skydeck in the Bitexco Financial Tower. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to learn about its different landmarks from the interactive boards. You can go to the bar to enjoy some refreshments before you leave.

Skydeck in Saigon

Skydeck in Saigon. Source: res.klook

Above are some of our recommendations for you to discover Saigon for 48 hours. In fact, there are a lot more to see. Hope you can have an amazing trip to Ho Chi Minh city.

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