Hoi An Yoga Tour

Hoi An is a beautiful and calm city perfect for taking a moment to relax, appreciate nature, and practice some yoga. Come and join I Love Asia Tour on our Hoi An Yoga Tour for a relaxing morning! Check out all six of our locations at I Love Asia Tour, operating in Laos and Vietnam.

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Tour Summary

Hoi An is a beautiful and peaceful city perfect for doing yoga. Our yoga tour is one of the best ways to experience the lovely nature and try Hoi An. After finishing yoga we’ll have Vietnamese coffee and a traditional breakfast. Our lady bikers will take you on the motorbike to the destination, so you can have time to enjoy the beautiful views. 


Do yoga at sunrise on a peaceful beach

Have free time on the beach

Enjoy traditional Vietnamese breakfast and coffee

What To Expect & Itinerary

There are two options for Hoi An Yoga Tour:

- Option 1: First, we’ll bring you to the beach to watch the sunrise while practicing morning yoga. After yoga, we’ll give you some time too cool off in the water or just enjoy the calming sound of the beach waves. You will probably be tired from a good work out, so we will take you back to the city to enjoy a Hoi An traditional breakfast and special coffee.

- Option 2: The other option is to have the yoga class at a local sports stadium. Afterward, we will enjoy the breakfast with coffee.

The Hoi An Yoga Tour is also available in the afternoon if you request.




Option 1: Pick up our amazing guests from the hotel and talk about the program. Our tour will go to Hoi An Beach to start the lesson in the morning with sunrise.


Option 1: Start the Hoi An Yoga class in front of the beach.


Option 1: Finish the Yoga Class in Hoi An and we have free time at the beach.


Option 1: Head back to the city center to have breakfast and coffee together

9:30 AM

Option 1: Finish the Hoi An Yoga Tour and drop off our amazing guests in the hotel


Option 2: Pick up our amazing guests at the hotel

6:00 AM

Option 2: Start the Yoga Class at the Sports Stadium.


Option 2: Finish the Yoga Class


Option 2: Have a traditional Vietnamese breakfast and coffee together.

10:00 AM

Option 2: Finish the Hoi An Yoga Tour and drop off our amazing guests in the hotel

Tour Inclusions

The Hoi An Yoga Tour will include food, drink, tour guides and I Love Hoi An tshirt. The exclusion is the personal spending and tips 

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