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Wondering what to do in Hoi An? We're here to help! All of our female guides in I Love Asia Tour will gladly show you around the city. Our mission is to empower women, which is why we are all female guides. When you travel with our company, we assure that your money is going towards sustainable development projects and gender equality in Vietnam. You can learn more about our work on our About Us page.

We are also available in 5 other cities in Vietnam and Luang Prabang in LaosLet's get on our lady biker's motorbikes and explore the beautiful city of Hoi An!

Haft Day Tours in Hoi An  

The Best Choice for a Half-day Tour 

Are you looking for a tour that combines exploring the best attractions and enjoying the tastiest local food in Hoi An? Then you should join our Hoi An Sightseeing Tour with Local Food to enjoy both! Our local guides will work with you to ensure you enjoy your half-day tour spent experiencing many different aspects of Vietnamese culture. 

Our friendly female drivers are always willing to help you explore, so come and spend half a day with us!

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Visit The Old Town and Try Local Food 

Hoi An Ancient Town used to be one of the major trading ports in Southeast Asia. Therefore, the architecture in this town is varied and influenced by the Chinese, Japanese, and French one who traded here. This ancient town attracts tourists by its historic beauty, romantic lanterns, and the river. You shouldn't miss this destination while you are in Vietnam.

On this tour, you will learn more about the diverse history of this city, and visit all of the must-see locations in this romantic city. Besides, we will take you to some tasty food stalls.

Click here to join our Hoi An Historical Tour - Hoi An Old Town with Local Food

See the Peaceful Hoi An Countryside

If the city life is too familiar to you and you want to experience rural life, our Hoi An Countryside Tour is perfect for you! On this tour, we will take you to 4 villages in the countryside surrounding Hoi An. There, you will learn how to create pottery, make rice noodle and garden the organic vegetable. Additionally, we will show you how to ride a traditional bamboo boat with the help of local people!

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Take the Best Pictures of Hoi An

Hoi An is a photogenic city, famous for its beautiful lanterns. On this tour, we will take you to the best locations for photos in Hoi An. We'll make sure you have a diverse range of photos featuring the architecture, food, people, and more! Every corner, every alley and every road we chose are all great photography options.

This tour is perfect for all levels of photography, from beginner to expert.

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Lantern Making Tour In Hoi An 


If you love the lanterns in Hoi An and want to know how to make them, you should try our Lantern Making Tour! On this tour, you'll learn about how lanterns are traditionally made and then try making one yourself! It will be a perfect souvenir to remind you of your time in Hoi An and will be a beautiful addition to your home!

Click here to join our Lantern Making Tour in Hoi An

Exploring My Son Temple

Located a short distance outside of Hoi An is the My Son Temple, a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. On this tour, you will journey through picturesque Vietnamese countryside to this historic site to learn more about the last remnant of Hinduism in the country. So if you love history, or want to adventure to a unique destination, our My Son Temple Tour is perfect for you!

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Exploring Outside Hoi An

If you're looking to explore outside of the city, the Marble Mountain is another excellent location a short motorbike drive away. Enjoy the incredible views of the countryside from the back of the motorbike with our local female guides. Once you arrive, we'll teach you about the history of this historic religious pilgrimage site and give you plenty of time to explore the extensive network of caves. 

This tour is perfect for travelers who love adventure and exploring!

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Watch the Sunrise on Thu Bon River

If you're an early riser and want to enjoy things in the early morning, go and admire the sunrise with us! We'll take you out on a boat for the beautiful views. On the way back, we'll collect waste from the river on the way back to help keep Vietnam clean! 

Come and join us on this eco-tour to help reduce pollution in Vietnam.

Click here to join our Hoi An Sunrise Eco-tour

Learning about Vietnam's Handicrafts

Vietnam has many different art forms, especially Hoi An. There are several traditional craft villages in Hoi An. Many guests come here to learn to make Vietnamese products every year. On this tour, you will not only learn about the history of these handicrafts but learn how to make them yourself as well! We will take you to the best local artisans to teach you what they know best, traditional Vietnamese handicrafts! 

Locals in these villages will enthusiastically share their knowledge with you!

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Learn Vietnamese Vegetarian Cooking

Vegetarianism is very popular in Vietnam, which makes it an ideal destination for vegetarian travelers. If you love to cook or you're just interested in how we cook Vietnamese food, join our Vegetarian Cooking class tour! Our local guides will take you to the best cooking teachers in Hoi An making it easy for chefs of all skill levels to learn.

Click here to join our Hoi An Vegetarian Cooking Class Tour

Not Vegetarian? We have a Cooking Class for you too!

Vietnamese food has plenty of options for non-vegetarians too! On this tour, our female drivers will take you to a traditional food market to go shopping for cooking supplies. Here they will tell you about daily life in Vietnam and introduce Vietnamese food culture. Then we will take you to a cooking class to learn how to make some local favorites like Cao Lau and Mi Quang.

So come hungry, because you're about to make some tasty food and enjoy it!

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Night Tours In Hoi An

Bite into a Crispy Banh Mi

Hoi An is famous for its tasty food drawing tourists from all over to try local dishes. Street Food Tour is one of our best selling tours! When you join this tour, we sure that you will eat like a local. Our local female guides will take you to the best Hoi An's street food stalls. The highlight of this tour is trying delicious Banh Mi - a popular Vietnamese dish. Come hungry because we won't let you go home until you're completely full!

Click here to join our Hoi An Street Food Tour

The Best Vegetarian Street Food in Hoi An!

If you don't feel like cooking, but you still want to try authentic Vietnamese local food, we have the perfect tour for you! Many of our guides are vegetarian/vegan, so we can make sure you get the best local vegetarian food. On this tour, you'll try many different dishes and learn about Vietnamese food culture!

We won't let you go home until you're full!

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Customized Tour in Hoi An

Hoi An Customized Tours

You already have your own ideas about travelling in Hoi An?

You need us to manage the program follow your expectations?

Or would you like us to use our expert skills to give you the recommendations for things to do in Hoi An?

Leave this job to us! 

Don't hesitate to contact us for the best customized operations in Hoi An - our capital of Vietnam!

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About Hoi An

Welcome to the lantern city of Vietnam. Hoi An is known as the former port city where the traders from all over the world came for trading. With the interesting architecture a mixture of Chinese, French, Japanese, and Vietnamese this is truly a unique city.

Hoi An is really special in tourist’s hearts by the beauty of lantern at night and the peace of all countryside around the town.

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Our guides are extremely helpful and are eager to make sure you have the best experience in their home, Hoi An. They do their best to make you feel at home like a local.

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