Hoi An Chicken Rice – A Must Try Hoi An Local Cuisine

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Hoi An Chicken Rice is one of the most foods in Vietnam. Other places in Vietnam also have chicken rice, but their process and flavor are different.

The history of Hoi An Chicken Rice

Nowadays, Chicken Rice is still a favorite daily eat in China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Especially, in the early 17th century, Hoi An was one of the important flourishing trading ports on the East Sea. The riverside town became the best destination for international trade which was the home of Chinese who did cuisine center. After that, Hoi An Chicken Rice is distinctly influenced by Hainanese Wenchang Chicken, special food in China, and also is processed from the oily-looking boiled chicken and rice and is gradually becoming the favorite dish in many Southeast Asian countries.

Chicken Rice in Hoi An Vietnam

Chicken Rice in Hoi An Vietnam. Source: eva.vn

How to make Hoi An Chicken Rice

The cooker will boil chicken with water and 1 teaspoon of turmeric. After that, the maker will cut a boiled chicken into small slices and mix them with coriander, white onion, peppermint, pickled carrots and papaya, salt, and season. Chicken Rice has a yellow color and its major ingredient is white rice. Especially, to have a glossy yellow color, the cooker will put the rice in the boiling chicken broth with lower heat until they cook it.

Sticky Rice with Chicken (Xôi gà)


In addition, the spice is one of the elements making this dish more delicious in the Centre of Vietnam. Therefore, the cooker often adds sliced mint leaves and onion to increase the great taste of chicken. This is a reason for making tourists remember this food.

This dish is topped with tomato slices, lettuce, pepper, and pour the dipping fish sauce over the chicken rice so that it looks more interesting. Besides, there is a small bowl of soup from chicken broth with some chicken giblets.

The Benefit Of Hoi An chicken rice

Hoi An is noted for the countryside, so fresh vegetables grown by local people and garden chicken which local people choose carefully are the special ingredients of this dish. Therefore, Hoi An Chicken Rice is good for health.

Hoi An Sightseeing Tour with Local Food

Hoi An Sightseeing Tour with Local Food

Some address to enjoy it in Hoi An

1- Ba Buoi chicken restaurant: 51 Phan Chu Trinh street
2- Ty chicken rice restaurant: 25 – 27 Phan Chu Trinh street
3- Ba Nga Restaurant: 8 Phan Chu Trinh Street

It is sure that visitors will like the chicken rice in Hoi An, as it is perfectly combined with golden rice from chicken broth, delicious chicken meat, and lots of local fresh vegetables. Hope you have a nice trip and enjoy the special food in Hoi An. If you need more information about tours, hot destinations, or food in Vietnam, I Love Asia Tour in Vietnam

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