The best ways to travel from Ho Chi Minh city to the Mekong Delta?

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flower field in Mekong Delta

In recent years, Mekong Delta is the real heaven for international as well as domestic backpackers. Visiting here, you can enjoy the warm climate, tropical fruits, and green fields. It would be more interesting if you travel on your own and enjoy the holiday in your styles. In this article, I will give you some suggestions on the best transportations to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Mekong Delta.

1. By Ho Chi Minh City to Mekong Delta bus –the safest choice

if this is the first time you have been to Vietnam, the bus is the best choice because its price is cheap and the service is safe. Traveling by bus, you can understand more about Vietnam and have time to think about how to enjoy the Mekong Delta perfectly. To buy the tickets, you should go to Ben Xe Mien Tay, 395 An Duong Vuong Street, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City. The most famous brand is Phuong Trang with high-quality services, but there are many choices you can skim such as Mai Linh Express or the Sinh tourists. The prices are about 60.000 to 120.000 VND depending on services and occasions. 

Open bus from Hoi an to Hue

2. By motorbikes from Saigon to Mekong Delta– an enthralling choice

If you are a professional rider, why don’t you ride a motorbike and travel to Mekong Delta? I believe that it would be the most memorable experience when you come back to your hometown.  To travel safely, you should choose a good vehicle. In my opinion, a motorbike is better than a scooter because the former is considered stronger than the later; besides, the former can travel in dangerous lanes such as a pothole or steep streets. You should be advised by a person who knows about motorbike to choose a motorbike whose an excellent engine.

Secondly, you should bring some necessary things such as hammocks, tents, ropes, torches, some medicines, little knives, maps … the more important is, you must bring essential tools for fixing motorbikes because local people almost close their houses after 6 pm. You should travel with a local buddy in case of getting lost or changing riders.

Our lady bikers and the customers on motorbikes

In case that local buddy can’t travel with you, you must always keep the traffic laws and be mindful when you are riding because lanes are narrow, and canal system is so complex that if you believe in Google maps, you would fall into the canal. Therefore, let’s ask local people when you get lost because they will direct you the safest and shortest ways

Although traveling by motorbikes is quite dangerous, this is always the most popular choice of travel addict because you can freely visit tourist attractions, eat in a local restaurant with reasonable prices, discover culture when visiting traditional handicraft villages, learn more local people’s life, and admire natural beauty when you ride. You can do everything without waiting for anyone or spending service fees.

To hire a motorbike, the agency will keep your passport or driving license. The prices would fluctuate from 50.000 to 200.000 VND. Let’s troll agencies in District 1, choose a good vehicle and start your journey.

3. By private car – the perfect combination.

If you travel with your family, bus or motorbikes are inconvenient, the private car would work out. Like hiring motorbikes, to hire a private car, you will be kept your papers. Your hotels might offer the services, so let’s ask the receptionists. If not, I think some agencies in Phu Nhuan District will meet your requirements. Although the price is high (about 700.000 VND), your family will have the most exciting moments.

4. By plane – a worth experience

Because of mass tourism, international airports were built in Vietnam and this fruitful land is an example. Many tourists decided to travel this Delta by planes because of its convenience, safety, and high quality. If you are lucky, you even get a good price. Let’s relax, and admire the tiny world through the window.

 Firstly, have you ever heard about “the floating market”? Travel to Can Tho City and enjoy this unique market. It takes about 30 minutes and cost you about 1.000.000 VND to book a ticket from Ho Chi Minh City to Can ­Tho.

Secondly, if you used to visit Da Nang or Nha Trang and immerse in the sea in these cities, don’t miss the Phu Quoc Island –famous for Vietnam’s Maldives. Like Can Tho city, you can get this island by plane.

You should notice that the prices would be higher if you travel on holiday occasions. Therefore, if your family has prior plans and care budgets, let’s book early to get the lowest prices.

Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines. Source: Vietnam Airlines

5. By boat – enthralling experiences

With the services isn’t bad, a boat is the first choice of travelers when they want to visit Island such as Con Dao, Phu Quoc. If you want to travel to these heavens economically, don’t forget to book a boat ticket. The price will start at around 300.000, and it takes about 3 hours for you to get islands. However, you should update the weather situation as soon as possible because you can’t take a boat when it’s raining or strong wind.



This summer, let’s travel to Mekong Delta on your own, choose proper transportations and enjoy the special journey once a time in your life. They will fill ­­up your soul with funny memories, unforgettable experiences and make your family closer.