Hanoi Day Tour to Bat Trang Pottery Village

On our Hanoi Day Tour to Bat Trang Pottery Village, you will escape the big city for a relaxing afternoon learning about pottery in Hanoi. Come and experience ancient Vietnamese pottery culture with our Hanoi Pottery tour. Traveling throughout Southeast Asia? Check out all six of our locations at I Love Asia Tour, operating in Laos and Vietnam.

guests are making pottery on our Hanoi Day Tour to Bat Trang Pottery Village in hanoi



Tour Summary

This is a half-day afternoon tour that starts at 1PM and finishes at 7PM including Vietnamese snacks, Vietnamese coffee and a pottery making class. 

On this tour, you will visit one of the many famous traditional craft villages surrounding Hanoi. The Bat Trang Pottery Village is one of the most famous of these villages because of its beautiful pottery and authentic designs. You’ll be able to experience this ancient practice with a pottery making workshop where you will be able to make your own pottery! After the workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore the village and see all of the local pottery styles. Additionally, the road to this village is extremely beautiful providing excellent views of the Hanoi countryside. Feel free to stop along the way and take pictures when you stop for Vietnamese coffee and snack!


Learn how to make your own pottery

Explore the Pottery Village

Experience the beautiful countryside surrounding Hanoi

What To Expect & Itinerary

Hanoi Day Tour to Bat Trang Pottery Village includes the following activities:

- Try Hanoi’s Egg Coffee: Vietnam has a rich coffee culture with each city having its own unique Coffee. Egg Coffee is especially famous in Hanoi and is made with a meringue-like egg while on top of the dense Vietnamese coffee

- Chuong Duong Bridge: the first massive bridge designed and executred in Vietnam. You’ll see this bridge from the back of a motorbike and have the opportunity to photograph it. 

- Bat Trang Pottery Village: this ancient pottery village is seven centuries old and is home to many craftsmen 

- Pottery-making Class: learn how to make pottery such as bowls, cups, pots, etc during this workshop led by local people

- Pottery Market: visit this huge pottery market filled with products such as vases, pots, plates, and even restored ancient wares

- Snacks: try roasted corn, a popular street food in Hanoi




Pick up our amazing guests from the hotel and introduce the itinerary with a cup of egg coffee at “Giang Cafe”


See the Chuong Duong Bridge from the back of a motorbike. From here you can also see the Long Bien Bridge


Arrive at the Bat Trang Pottery Village


Learn how to make your own pottery at our pottery making class


Visit the local pottery market to do some shopping or just look around at all the beautiful ceramics. We’ll enjoy some local snacks as well


Leave the village to travel back to Hanoi, stopping for roasted corn near the Long Bien Bridge



Drop our lovely guests off at their hotel

Tour Inclusions

Hanoi Day Tour to Bat Trang Pottery Village will include food, drink, tour guides and I Love Hanoi tshirt. The exclusion is the personal spending and tips 

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