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Ha Long Bay - Ngoc Vung Island

Ha Long Bay is a place of interest in Quang Ninh Province, Viet Nam. The name Ha Long which means “descending dragon” is a gift of nature as well as the heritage of humanity. In 1994, Ha Long Bay was recognized as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO and was re-recognized for the second time in 2000. Along with Nha Trang Bay and Lang Co Bay, Ha Long Bay is one of 29 “paradise” bays that was listed as “World’s Most Beautiful Bays Clubs – World Bays”. Visiting to Ha Long Bay, tourists seem to be lost in the fairy world.

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

After checking in Ha Long Bay, tourists start the journey to discover one of the most beautiful landscapes of Ha Long Bay.

Landscapes of Ha Long Bay

Thien Cung Cave

Thien Cung Cave which is located in the southwest of Ha Long Bay is one of the most beautiful caves of Ha Long. The road to Thien Cung Cave is quite hard. Its surrounding is high cliffs and tall trees. As entering the cave, tourists are surprised by the lively and splendid beauty created by the stalactites. The cave is divided into several sections with numerous stalagmites which bring strange and fascinating shapes. On the eastern cliffs, there is an enormous painting in which have fairy characters with extremely supple and subtle lines. It can be said that Thien Cung Cave is the Hidden Paradise in the Ground.


thien cung cave in ha long bay

Ngoc Vung Island

The beautiful island which is called Pearl Island is situated between two small islands, Hon Net and Phuong Hoang Island, in Ha Long Bay. Surrounding Ngoc Vung Island is fabulous beaches, Van Xuan Mountain (altitude of 182 m), archaeological vestiges in Ha Long culture, etc. To the south of the island is Ngoc Vung beach with pure white sand stretches for 3 kilometers. Tourists may swim, go sightseeing, and even participate in activities with local people. Apart from swimming and sightseeing, tourists will enjoy fresh seafood as well as specialties of the island like an oyster, tiny shrimp, “cong gio” – a kind of small but fast crabs on the beach.

Ha Long Bay - Ngoc Vung Island

Ha Long Bay – Ngoc Vung Island

Hon Trong Mai

Hon Trong Mai which is a symbol of Ha Long tourism is located on the south-west side of Ha Long Bay. In the vast expanse of water, the appearance of a pair of great rocks is one of nature’s favor for Ha Long Bay. It has the shape of a chicken couple (a cock – a hen) which have been there millions of years. It represents for the faithfulness of love. Hon Trong Mai is most beautiful at sunset – the chicken couple is dyed red and becomes brilliant.


hon trong mai in ha long bay

This image has become a symbol of Ha Long tourism in particular and tourism in Vietnam in general. Tourists will experience the emotions in love and is definitely an unforgettable experience for you.

Trinh Nữ Cave (Virgin Cave)

Situated on the east of Bo Hon island, in Ha Long Bay, Trinh Nu Cave is an attractive destination for tourists. It has not only many stalactites and beautiful scenery, but also a moving legend. In the middle of the cave, there is a stone-statue shape of a girl lying on her long hair, looking to the sea and hoping to meet her lover. Opposite to Trinh Nu cave, Trong Cave has a stone statue shape of a giant boy who looks at Trinh Nu cave.

Paradise Cave in Phong Nha Ke Bang

The fishermen believe that Trinh Nu cave is their beloved home. And couples consider the place is a symbol of undying love and a romantic place for taking the oath of love. The Virgin Cave has become popular for domestic and foreign tourists when choosing Ha Long as the destination.


Kayaking around Ha Long Bay

Kayaking is an exciting activity that you cannot miss while visiting Ha Long Bay and it is also a perfect way to explore the hidden corners of the bay. The high rocky islands along with the vast expanse of water make Ha Long Bay an ideal place to experience kayaking. You will contemplate the natural landscape as well as observe the ecosystem on the island. Also, discovering mysterious caves and peaceful beaches gives visitors a memorable kayak experience.

Kayaking on Ha Long Bay

Kayaking on Ha Long Bay

Each kayak can include up to 2 people. Tourists have to adhere to the guidance of the tour guide as well as always wear a life jacket while kayaking in Ha Long Bay.

Sea bathing in Ha Long Bay

It is perfect to be able to swim in the cool water and watch the beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay. Tourists of all ages can participate in this activity, but to ensure safety you should be careful to listen to the tour guide. You can swim in a variety of beaches on the bay, from famous beaches like Ha Long beach, Ngoc Vung, Soi Sim to the pristine beaches. Sea bathing is a great activity for families or groups of friends while enjoying a relaxing time on Ha Long Bay.


swimming in ha long bay

Visiting Vung Vieng fishing village in Ha Long Bay

Vung Vieng fishing village is an ideal place for tourists to observe the life of local people living in the bay. Only with a small bamboo craft (a small boat used mainly in the fishing village) is that you can start the journey to Vung Vieng floating village. When coming here, you will have the opportunity to feel the peacefulness and relaxation of Vung Vieng fishing village. Especially, visiting Vung Vieng, tourists can take part in a day of fishing, fishing with local people and then return to enjoy the fresh seafood.

Having dinner in the cave in Ha Long Bay

After a whole day full of activities, visitors will enjoy an amazing dinner in a cave decorated luxuriously and warmly. The limestone islands of Ha Long Bay include numerous small and large caves, many of which have wonderful architectures. Special dinners are set in beautifully landscaped areas, lit by sparkling candles along with delicious food. This is a spiritual gift for couples who are in love, married couples, or a group of visitors who want to enjoy a luxurious and romantic dinner.

Joining in cooking class in Ha Long pleasure-boat

The cooking class is suitable for all ages helping tourists learn more deeply about the importance of food in Vietnamese culture. Chefs on the Ha Long pleasure-boat will instruct this activity on the deck. One of the most frequently-instructed dishes is “Cha Gio” – Vietnamese traditional food. You will be able to observe the preparation and detailed cooking of the chef, then cooking the dish by yourself and finally enjoy your own achievements. Cooking class on Ha Long cruise is a fun and useful activity to help visitors have an unforgettable experiences.

Flamingo Cruise Ha Long Bay

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