A Guide to Quy Nhon – Vietnam’s Seaside Hidden Gem

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Queen Beach in Quy Nhon Vietnam

If you want to get away from the bustle and hustle of the cities and connect with nature, Quy Nhon is the most attractive destination for you. You will be deeply impressed by picturesque islands, pristine beaches and mouth-watering seafood. So, let’s follow our guide to Quy Nhon.

Quy Nhon is one of the most famous coastal cities in central Vietnam, located in Binh Dinh province. When visiting Quy Nhon, you will be amazed by the tranquil atmosphere and friendly people. Moreover, fishing is the main source of income for the local community, so you can have the opportunity to enjoy exceptional seafood. Quy Nhon is truly a natural paradise.

Beautiful Blue Water of Quy Nhon

The Best Time to Visit Quy Nhon – The Weather

The weather across Vietnam varies but Quy Nhon has a tropical climate and contains 2 seasons: wet and dry season.

The Wet Season in Quy Nhon

t occurs from October to February and has a lot of sudden rain. However, during this time of the year, tourism is fairly slow, so you will be likely to book a room easily with a discount and low cost of service.

The Dry Season in Quy Nhon

March to September is the busiest season for tourism in Quy Nhon. At this time of the year, the climate is comfortable for you to let your hair down and enjoy the most beautiful parts of Quy Nhon. However, accommodation and other service fees may cost more than usual because of the higher rate of visitors.

Things to do in Quy Nhon

Visiting Twin Champa Towers

Twin Champa Towers is one of the most well-known destinations that attract a large number of Vietnamese and foreign visitors. These towers always stand side by side. They have floral patterns and arching forms. They are especially unique as you can see a statue called ‘Linga’ which represents male and female energy and immortality. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to have a panoramic view of the coast, hills, rice paddies and small rivers.

Twin Champa Towers near Quy Nhon

Go to the Beach

In summer, going to and enjoying the pristine beach are the most wonderful ways to relax after hard-working days. You can have the chance to explore stunning beaches, swimming in the crystal water, as well as scuba diving to admire the marvelous coral reef. One of the most beautiful beaches in Quy Nhon is Quy Nhon beach. Come here to bath or lie under the sun, watching the crystal blue sea and golden sand.

Additionally, an interesting beached named Eggs Beach is located 2 km south-east of Quy Nhon. The special feature that makes this beach unforgettable are the round stones that look like impressive eggs.

The Beach in Quy Nhon

Explore a Local Fishing Village

While discovering local fishing villages, visitors will be surprised by how simple life is here, yet all the friendly village residents always smile with an optimistic spirit. In addition to the tranquil atmosphere, these fishing villages possess a charming natural landscape. The fishermen use fishing in order to meet their basic needs. You will be able to enjoy fresh seafood from the locals here.

Fishing in Quy Nhon

What to Eat in Quy Nhon

Vietnamese Crepe – Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo is a popular dish throughout Vietnam. The ingredients are fresh shrimp, flour, lettuce leaves, herbs and a sour, sweet, salty and spicy fish sauce which makes the unique and delicious flavour of the dish. This will be one of your most unforgettable experiences when travelling to Quy Nhon.

Vietnamese Crepe - Banh Xeo
Vietnamese Crepe – Banh Xeo. Source: www.foodisafourletterword.com

Beef Ragu with Bread

It is a popular breakfast in Quy Nhon for just 35000 VND. There are many ingredients such as: beef, pepper, peanuts and carrot and is served with bread. To get the unique taste, you have to dip the bread into the broth.

Beef Ragu - Bánh mì bò kho Quy Nhon
Beef Ragu – Bánh mì bò kho Quy Nhon. Source: www.news.zing.vn

Fish Noodle – Bun Ca

Bun Ca has become a specialty in Quy Nhon and you can easily find any trolley which sells fish noodle around every every corner of  Quy Nhon. It is made from a mixture of fish paste, noodles, fish sauce, the broth, chili, lemon and fresh herbs. All of this makes an attractive taste that you will never forget.

Bun Ca - Fish Noodle Soup
Bun Ca – Fish Noodle Soup. Source: www.liberzy.com

In short, Quy Nhon is an ideal destination for those who love nature and trying a new cuisine. We hope that with this guide to Quy Nhon, you will have a fun and meaningful trip. If you want more information about travelling, check it out our website.

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