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Go Green with I Love Asia Tour – Earth Day Campaign 2019

The Earth Day taking place on 22nd April every year is a global event when every household turns the lights off to reduce electricity consumption. This year - 2019, with its spirit, I love Asia Tour company has launched a campaign called Go Green with I Love Asia Tour. We focus on 3 main parts which are Ecotravel, Environmental facts, and Human Activities to save the Earth. 


As the name of the campaign, we want everyone to GO GREEN with us. First, the most important purpose is to raise the awareness of tourists while they are travelling. Tourism is a non-smoking industry, but it leaves a BIG carbon footprint since tourism is not being developed in a sustainable way. The dump trash is left behind in places called attractions. Thus, we do want to make a difference and provide you all with the tips about Eco-travel - Zero waste travel

Second, I Love Asia Tour company uses the UN Sustainable Development Goals to guide its growth. We aim to achieve all 17 goals by 2030. Therefore, in 2019 we want to achieve goal 12,13 and 14 by saying "no" with plastic and promoting vegetarian products. 

Last but not least, our aim is to inspire people, especially local people with our actions. The campaign includes some practical activities with the help of local people. We want to make a change in people mind, encourage them to reduce their plastic consumption, stop littering and save energy. 



GO GREEN WITH I LOVE ASIA TOUR CAMPAIGN takes place from 10th April to 25th April 2019. It includes practical activities, sharing tips on Social Network and Iloveasia website. 

About the practical activities, our first action is collecting dump trash in front of Nam Giao Altar in Hue City. This place is considered as a sacred altar and also an attraction of Hue. However, because of the poor awareness of people living around and tourists, it is polluted with a lot of dump trash. Join the event if you want to give a hand to help.
Place: Le Ngo Cat str, Hue city
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM on 14th April 2019

In addition, blog posts about Eco-travel are publishing during the campaign on I love Asia site and I love Vietnam site. You also can read many travel tips, environmental facts on our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube

Furthermore, the campaign does include some eco-products for tourists if they are interested in. We provide you with Vegetarian foods tours in 5 cities in Vietnam and Luang Prabang in Laos. Also, you can join Eco-sunrise tours.


We carried out the cleaning event successfully on Sunday. All the dump trash were collected and put into the rubbish bins. The most successful thing was that we received the help and the praise of local people living around. With this step, we are gradually inspiring the Vietnamese local people and raise their awareness to protect the environment.


Let's join GO GREEN WITH I LOVE ASIA TOUR, join us a hand to make the Earth greener. You can also share your stories about protecting the environment through all of our Social Channels. Nothing more precious than you can inspire other people to take action like you!