Danang Street Food Tour at Night

Vietnam is famous for its amazing street food with each city having its own specialties. On this tour we will take you to experience the best street food Danang has to offer! Traveling throughout Southeast Asia? Check out all six of our locations at I Love Asia Tour, operating in Laos and Vietnam.

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Tour Summary

On the Danang street food tour, we will take you to six different street restaurants by motorbike with our local female guides. Come hungry because we won’t let you leave until you’re full! Along the way, our guides will be there to tell you about Danang cuisine and Vietnamese culture while you enjoy the amazing food. Additionally, you’ll be able to experience safely riding around Danang on a motorbike. 


Try popular Danang street food

Learn about Vietnamese culture

Sight-see in Danang at night

What To Expect & Itinerary

On our Street Food Tour our guests will try the following dishes:

- Bun Cha Ca (Fish noodle soup): Danang is famous for its fish so we will start you off with this local favorite. Ingredients: Fish; soup including pumpkin, cabbage, medium tomatoes, pineapple, chicken or pork broth; noodle and vegetable.

- Local Seafood: we’ll head to the beach to have some freshly caught seafood. Ingredients: Fish, shrimp, crab, squid, barnacle, and spices.

- Kem Bo (ice cream): this kind of ice cream is sweet and smooth, a great way to cool off in the hot weather. Ingredients: Avocado, vanilla ice, dried coconut, peanuts, and ice.

- Nem Lui: this dish is popular throughout Vietnam but especially in Central Vietnam. Ingredients: Grilled pork, lemongrass skewer, vegetable, Vietnamese herb, rice paper and special sauce of Hue.

- Tao Pho: this Vietnamese jelly is smooth and sweet, a favorite of tourists. Ingredients: Ginger syrup and tofu pudding.

- Kem Xoi Chien: The last dish is a new trendy dessert loved by the young population in Vietnam. Ingredients: Ice cream, sticky rice, dried coconut, and peanuts.


6:30 PM

We’ll pick you up from your hotel and introduce the itinerary

7:00 PM

We’ll start with Bun Cha Ca

7:30 PM

Go to the beach to try some fresh seafood

8:30 PM

Try some Kem Bo (ice cream)

9:00 PM

Go to eat some Nem Lui

9:30 PM

Try Tao Pho

    10:00 PM

 Finish the tour with Kem Xoi Chien then drop our guests off

Tour Inclusions

Danang Street Food at Night Tour will include food, drink, tour guides and I Love Danang tshirt. The exclusion is the personal spending and tips 

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