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Our clients exploring Marble Mountains

Da Nang Marble Mountains is one of the most popular natural attractions in Hoi An, Da Nang. Even it is not really high, the exotic beauty of Marble Mountains is quite impressive. There is a saying that goes: Even though the Marble Mountains is not as high as the others, its beauty is beyond any mountains in Vietnam.

Marble Mountains in Danang


Da nang Marble Mountains is actually a group of five limestone and marble mountains. Each minor mountains has each distinctive name which follows the five ancient Chinese philosophy elements: the Water, the Metal, the Fire, the Earth and the Wood. Its location is between Hoi An and Da Nang, the two popular tourist destination in Centre of Vietnam. So it is understandable that Marble Mountains is a convenient attraction for any visitors to Da Nang or Hoi An. You can get there by bus or private car, from Da Nang, or take a Marble Mountains Motorbike Tour to have a more exclusive journey.

Thuy Son in Marble Mountains Danang

Thuy Son in Marble Mountains Danang. Source: Aprotravel.com

What to see in Da Nang Marble Mountains

Da Nang Marble Mountains is a combination of many different factors from the beautiful nature to many historical structures and arts. By coming here, you can learn many new things about history as well as local belief.

The mountains

The biggest and prettiest mountains of Da Nang Marble Mountains is Water Mountains. The mountains is full of green trees, flowers, and many rare animals. In addition, there are several caves and other architectures. There are two paths which lead to the top of this mountains, the first path is the western gate, which leads straight to Tam Thai Pagoda. The other path from the East leads to Linh Ung Pagoda. Normally, tourists will enter the mountains from the West and finish by the Eastern gate.

Marble Mountains Danang

Marble Mountains Danang

The Caves

There are many beautiful and mysterious caves inside this famous mountains. One of the most exotic caves is the Am Phu Cave or Hell Cave. You will be surprised by the enormous cave and the beauty of the lake inside. Moreover, there are many other marble statues and Buddha statues inside the caves.

Huyen Khong Cave in Marble Mountains

Huyen Khong Cave in Marble Mountains. Source: lendang.vn

The Pagodas

Two most famous pagodas on the top of the mountains are Tam Thai Pagoda and Linh Ung Pagoda. They are not only famous for the unique Asian architecture but also for their spiritual meaning. If you have some wishes, you could pray here and it may come true. Many people go to these pagodas to pray for their careers, their love life, or even to have a child.

Tam Thai Temple in Marble Mountains

Tam Thai Temple in Marble Mountains

Some tips to climb Marble Mountains

What to prepare

The trip will take an amount of time so make sure to prepare yourself a little for a comfortable experience. Firstly, you will spend lots of time hike and climb. The step would be very steep and sometimes it’s even slippery, so wearing a pair of comfortable hiking shoes is highly recommended. In addition, the journey will dry you off, so bringing lots of water is necessary. You can prepare some snack, but try not to bring much, because you won’t want to waste your energy carrying heavy luggage. The fee for entrance ticket is VND 40,000 per person, if you want to take the elevator it only cost you VND 10,000 per person.

Our clients on Hoi An Marble Mountain Tour

Our clients on Hoi An Marble Mountain Tour

Stair or elevator?

You could get to the top of this Hoi An attraction by the elevator, which is only VND 10,000 each time. This is a suitable way for people who are too weak or have limited time. However, to enjoy the best of the Marble Mountains, It is advisable that visitors should walk to the top. The view along the way is stunning, you will be surrounded by the beautiful nature. Just remember to bring lots of water, some snack to enjoy along the way, and a camera to capture the best moments of your journey.

Best time of the day to visit

It would take you about 3 to 5 hours just to explore the biggest mountains, the Water Mountains, so it is advisable to spare a suitable amount of time for the trip. You probably would prefer avoiding the heat of the mid-day sun and going back home before the sunset. So you can choose to start your journey early in the morning and get back before lunch. Or you can start after lunch, and finish before it’s getting dark.

Thuy Son in Marble Mountains Danang

Thuy Son in Marble Mountains Danang

Shopping time

Since Da Nang Marble Mountains is a tourist attraction, you can find tons of interesting souvenirs on the top. As one of the biggest marble mountains in Vietnam, there are varieties of marble product such as sculptures, jewelry, lucky charms. Moreover, you can even buy many Hoi An specialty to bring home like dried squids, coconut cookies from the friendly local sellers here.

In short, Da Nang Marble Mountains is a promising place which can be a highlight of your holiday. If you ever have a chance to visit Hoi An or Da Nang, remember to put Da Nang Marble Mountains on your plan. Let’s take our Danang motorbike tour for a unique experience.

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