Cu Chi Tunnels – the magnanimous historical combat achievement

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Exploring Cu Chi Tunnels

General Information

Cu Chi Tunnels are a complex underground construction with a length of over 200 km round in the earth’s womb. It is the most large-scale defensive underground system of Vietnamese in the resistance against the French and the US. Therefore, Cu Chi Tunnels have been a historical attraction for Vietnamese and foreign tourists today. Since these people love to discover the history of this country.

cu chi tunnels

cu chi tunnels


Cu Chi Tunnels are famous historical attractions, located in Phu My Hung village, far away 70 km from Sai Gon in the East- North direction. Some destinations of Cu Chi Tunnels are Ben Duoc martyrs memorial, a system of the warship, Cu Chi re-enactment area.


Cu Chi Tunnels were dug in an area existing laterite clay, so the durability was effective and avoidable falling. Cu Chi Tunnels system located deeply in earth’s womb. It could stand the blast of the most bombs and bullets of the US army. Different areas of Cu Chi Tunnels were able to be separated when getting the need for the resistance war.

Cu Chi Tunnels route was deep from 3 to 8 m to the earth’s womb, with the height only for a person walking with a stoop. The first floor of Cu Chi Tunnels was on the edge of the forest with subterranean well-providing water for living activities for the whole of the tunnels area. There were 3 floors of the Cu Chi Tunnels system. The “spine” road spread short and long branches stimulating communication.

Cu Chi Tunnels map

Cu Chi Tunnels map

The first floor was 3m above the ground. Moreover, it could resist the bullet, the weight of the tank, and the armor-clad. The second floor was 5 m away from the ground and could resist a small size bomb. The last floor was from 8 to 10 m from the ground. The road of moving up and down was set by secret Tunnels caps. Inside of the tunnels was secret like termite extrusion, alongside with air hole. The union of the tunnels had big tunnels used for taking rest, reserving food, weapons. It also had a subterranean well, Hoang Cam kitchen, and also used for film, letters, and art performance.


Cu Chi Tunnels are a unique revolutionary base in the history of Vietnam. These tunnels system was created by symbol tools and hands of Cu Chi‘s soldiers and residents in the period of the resistance war. Cu Chi Tunnels were the symbol of the courageous spirit of Vietnamese in history as well as a legend of 20 century in the world.

Cu Chi Tunnels are common names for the whole different tunnel system from the time of 1946 to 1948. It was the time that the Vietnamese combated against French colonialists. At that time, the Vietnamese army and people of Tan Phu Trung and Phuoc Vinh An districts dug short and simply-constructed tunnels to take cover and hide documents and weapons. The first cause of digging the Tunnels spontaneously came from the locals there in 1948.

Exploring Cu Chi Tunnels

The residents dug separate tunnels in order to avoid the raid of the French army and also provide shelter for the communist called Viet Minh. Every village built individual tunnels. However, because of the need for moving between tunnels and villages, the tunnel system was connected into an uninterrupted, complicated tunnel system. After that, the tunnel system developed wide, especially in six villages of the North Cu Chi District. The structure of that system was better to become a place of hiding communist force and supporting on the combat.

Until 1965, there were 200 km of tunnels dug. Regarding scale, the tunnel system had a total of the whole route with over 200 km, three different deep floors. The above, middle floor was 3, and 6km up on the surface respectively. The below floor had 12 km of depth. At that time, the tunnels not only used for sheltering but also became home, medical care, meeting, and weapon supply area.

Cu Chi Tunnels Tour from Ho Chi Minh City with I Love Asia Tour

Currently, Cu Chi Tunnels still have had 120 km of Tunnels protected and become one of the most attractive destinations for tourists coming to Ho Chi Minh City. Visitors, especially veterans often choose Cu Chi Tunnels for their visit since it reappears the flight of Vietnamese in war. Travelers can experience life in the tunnels like the true resident there. What is more interesting is that the entrance fee is cheap. It is about 80.000 Vietnam dongs. If you travel to Ho Chi Minh, the Cu Chi Tunnels tour is what you shouldn’t miss. Hope that you probably get a wonderful trip and bring back to your country some beautiful memories of Vietnamese people and country.

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