Hanoi Buddhism Tour

The Hanoi Buddhism Tour is a unique educational tour for visitors interested in learning about religion in Southeast Asia. Come and join us at I Love Asia Tour to learn about local Buddhist practices!
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Our guests are enjoying the temple tour on our Hanoi Buddhism Tour



Tour Summary

This is a half-day morning tour that starts at 9AM and finishes at 2PM including local Buddhist vegan food. 
Note: This tour requires at least 2 guests.

On our Hanoi Buddhism Tour, we will visit a local Buddhist Pagoda to learn about the tenets of Buddhism. Buddhism is one of the biggest religions in Vietnam influencing many aspects of Vietnamese culture. On this tour, we will visit Buddhist religious sites to learn about the peaceful religion and try traditional Buddhist practices. Additionally, we will teach you about the history of Buddhism in Vietnam. Many devout Buddhists in Vietnam adopt a vegan diet so we will finish the tour with a delicious Buddhist vegan meal!


Visit the Bo De Pagoda to learn about Buddhism in Hanoi Vietnam.

Enjoy authentic Buddhist vegan food.

Learn about Hanoi’s Buddhist history from a motorbike with a local guide

What To Expect & Itinerary

During this half-day tour we will visit the following locations:

- Long Bien Bridge: the first steel bridge built across the Red River. This bridge is historic for connecting the Long Bien and Hoan Kiem Districts in Hanoi. 

- Bo De Pagoda: at this location, we will learn the tenets of Buddhism. The pagoda is a ‘peaceful place’ for the salvation of lives in the human world. We will listen to the legends of Buddhism and learn about the meanings of the different statues. Then we will have some virtual lessons taught by monks and nuns on meditation and how to walk in mindfulness. 

- Local Food: we’ll have an authentic vegan meal so you can see how local Buddhists monks eat!



9:00 AM

We’ll pick you up at your hotel and introduce the program

9:30 AM

Stop at the Long Bien Bridge for some sightseeing and history

10:00 AM

Visit the Bo De Pagoda to learn about Buddhism 

11:30 AM

Enjoy a delicious “authentic” vegan lunch prepared at the pagoda

12:00 AM

Visit a local market to purchase supplies for the children taken care of at the pagoda

12:30 AM

Return to the pagoda to distribute the supplies and help the children practice English

    2:00 PM

 Finish the tour and return to the hotel

Tour Inclusions

Our Hanoi Buddhism Tour will include food, drink, tour guides and I Love Hanoi tshirt. The exclusion is the personal spending and tips 

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