Vietnam is considering covid 19 vaccinated passports to welcome tourists

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Recently, Vietnam start considering welcome tourists with vaccinated passports. We still do not go the final decision yet but it is such a great news for tourism industry when the borders open. When Vietnam opens its borders to tourists is on top concern by various travelers around the world. Whether it comes with the instruction of COVID 19 vaccine passport?  … Read More


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Royal Palace Haw Kham in Luang Prabang

The Royal Palace in Luang Prabang also known as “Haw Kham” and translated to “Golden Palace” was once Laos’ Royal Palace. The former Royal Palace is located on the banks of the Mekong River and faces the Mount Phousi. The palace houses a lot of historical items with interesting stories behind. The Royal palace is worth a visit, and you … Read More

Travel Tips for Vietnam – Do’s and Don’t’s While Visiting Vietnam

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Ma Pi Leng in Ha Giang Vietnam

Vietnam – a developing country in Southeast Asia is attracting more and more foreign tourists. Traveling to Vietnam is a good idea since this country has beautiful landscapes, unique culture and tasty cuisine. However, there are several things that tourists should be aware of. To make sure you can avoid any inconveniences, read these do’s and don’t’s while visiting Vietnam. … Read More

Lang Co beach In Central Vietnam

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Lang Co Beach in Hue

Lang Co Beach is a natural attraction of Thua Thien Hue Province that is included in the list of Vietnam national tourist sites. Lang Co beach has been known as a beach with the most beautiful natural and landscape conditions in Vietnam for a long time. “A BEAUTIFUL PERSON OF THE FISHING VILLAGE” – LANG CO BEACH If anyone has … Read More

7 Variations of Rice Noodles in Vietnam

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Hue Grilled Pork Noodle

When it comes to Vietnam, people usually think about beautiful landscapes and unique cuisines related to rice. Rice is known as “the pearl of heaven”, people always appreciate such a precious gift from nature. From rice, the chef can create diverse meals with different variations of rice noodles in Vietnam. Phở Pho is one of the typical things for Vietnamese … Read More

Best Beaches To Visit In Central Vietnam

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Lang Co Beach in Hue

Summer is the season in which you can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city to connect with nature and unwind after a hard-working day. So, why not go to the beach to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere? And you know, the central of Vietnam is famous for its pristine beaches. Here are the best beaches to visit … Read More

Survive the Summer Heat With These Top Hoi an Desserts in a Budget

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Chè in Danang - Sweet dessert

When thinking about street food in Hoi An, Cao Lau, Mi Quang, or Banh Mi often comes to your mind. However, Hoi An cuisine is not only about savory food. There are lots of special Hoi An desserts for those who have a sweet tooth. These following delicacies are the best Hoi An desserts that can amaze any traveler. Tube … Read More

Does Vietnam celebrate Christmas? Where to Spend Christmas in Vietnam

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Are you spending Christmas in Vietnam this year? Or do you have the intention of coming to Vietnam to make the most of the Christmas holiday? Let’s see how Vietnamese people celebrate Christmas and where you can enjoy this important celebration in Vietnam. Does Vietnam celebrate Christmas? To begin with, Christmas is not an official public holiday in Vietnam and … Read More

8 Traditional Craft Villages In Hue

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Hue, located in Central Vietnam is always famous for its natural landscapes and tasty cuisine. However, little does everyone know that Hue is also home to a number of traditional crafts in Vietnam. Here is the list of 8 traditional craft villages in Hue. Conical Hat (Nón lá) Village The conical hat, also called Nón lá in Vietnam is a … Read More

Things to do in Danang – What to eat and where to go in Danang

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Thuy Son in Marble Mountains Danang

Danang Overview Danang is the third-largest city of Viet Nam in terms of urbanization and economy and one of the major port cities. In addition, this city is the commercial and educational center of Central Viet Nam. It also plays an important role in the tourism of Viet Nam. In this blog post, we will give you an overview of … Read More