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Hoi an ancient town

Hoi An is always an ideal destination in Vietnam for tourists all over the world. It is UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE with tasty local food, incredible landscape, relaxed pace of life, and varieties of shopping. If you’re wondering what to do in Hoi An, please follow my steps to discover Hoi An – my beautiful homeland!

1. Make Your Own Bike Tour

One of the best experiences in Hoi An is cycling around this city. This majestic Old town is a remarkable collection of ancient buildings, temples and meeting halls that can easily be seen all on a casual bike trip. In particular, you can cycle around Thu Bon River at sunset to see peaceful scenery with pink streaks when the sun goes down. You can enjoy the fresh air and feel more comfortable after hard working day. Moreover, you can see the daily life of people here and think of a more beautiful life.
Bicycle rental location: 80 Tran Hung Dao Street ( in front of Hoi An Union Hotel )
Price: 1 dollar

cycling in Hoi An
cycling in Hoi An

2. Make a Day Trip to My Son Sanctuary

Between the 4th and 13th centuries, a unique culture which owed its spiritual origins to Indian Hinduism developed on the coast of contemporary Vietnam. This is graphically illustrated by the remains of a series of impressive tower-temples located in a dramatic site that was the religious and political capital of the Champa Kingdom for most of its existence.
You can brave the heat and hire a private car to take you to My Son in the afternoon when the crowds have all returned to Hoi An or sign up to any of the huge tour buses. Besides, you also can try My Son Sanctuary Tour by scooters with local female guides. Free yourself to sightsee in the winding roads while sitting on the back of the guides. See more in My Son tour.

My Son Sanctuary Tour
My Son Sanctuary Tour

3. Go a bit Wild and Indulge in the Hoi An Nightlife

What else can I say? Hoi An is the most tourism orientated city in Vietnam. While the heat of the day keeps many people back at their hotel poolside, at night, Hoi An comes alive. Happy hours, bucket drinks, free tequila shots or entire bottles of vodka, anything can be negotiated here or offered but the quality might not be the best. Whatever your preference, budget or style, Hoi An nightlife can provide, particularly in Q – Bar.
Location: 94 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hoi An.

Q-bar in Hoi An
Q-bar in Hoi An

4. Enjoy Vietnamese Cuisine in Hoi An

You will be impressed by the cuisine in Hoi An because it is a food paradise with a variety of fresh food. If you want to eat in a luxurious atmosphere, here are a few of the best restaurants in Hoi An I heard about that you can try:

  • The Sea Shell Restaurant By Ne Eatery: Newly opened in a restored fisherman’s house, gorge yourself with contemporary Asian fare by; the same people who brought you the now overly famous Nu Eatery.
    Location: 119 Tran Cao Van Street
  • Bep 1919: A hidden gem in the old town of Hoi An serving modern Vietnamese in a stylish setting.
    Location: 108 Nguyen Thai Street

However, If you want to try the real local style, street food is also a good choice. There are some famous and well – known all over the world such as Banh Mi, Cao Lau. I suggest trying the food in the street vendors or the food stalls in the local market. See more in Hoi An Street food.

Cao lau - Hoi An speciality
Cao lau – Hoi An speciality

5. Relax in One of Hoi An’s Rooftop Cafes

This is one of our favorite things to do in Hoi An, popping up to the second or third floor of restaurants, enjoying the coffee or cocktail and watch the peaceful Ancient Town below. You will be surprised by the coffee quality and unique drinking style here. Just keep your eye on the sky as your walking along and enjoy the perfect moment that has never had before. Location: The Chef – 166 Tran Phu Street
Prize: 30000 – 60000 VND (1,5 – 3 USD)

Rooftop Cafe in Hoi An

6. Travel on Thu Bon River by Boat

Thu Bon River traverses Hoi An Ancient Town center. It is one of the Hoi An attractions which the travelers cannot miss. So, what people love to do in this river is taking a boat to sightsee and drop the wishing lanterns. The view is so romantic and peaceful at night when all the lanterns light up. You can have a chance to light a lantern with the kaleidoscope of color and lights. The atmosphere now is crowded, chaotic and festive with spontaneous singing. There are a lot of boats floating on the river. You can easily hire one, but remember to ask the price before getting on the boat. Normally, it costs 40 000 VND – 60 000 VND (1,7 USD – 2,6 USD)/ each person.

Take a boat and drop the wishing lanterns on Thu Bon River in Hoi An Old Town
Take a boat and drop the wishing lanterns on Thu Bon River in Hoi An Old Town

I recommend you to check Hoi An by Night Tour if you are looking for more things to do in Hoi An at night. Beside the travel on Thu Bon River, the local guides will show you many more exciting activities.

Hoi An by Night Tour
Price: 35 USD/person

7. Get Out in the Water With Cham Island Snorkeling

If you are the person who hates sharing your tropical paradise with the general public, check out this magical island. You can try scuba diving, snorkeling and see Cham island’s coral reefs by your own eyes. You can feel like you are a marine biologist to discover rich marine plants and creatures. Then, you can enjoy fresh food with the locals here.

Snorkeling in Cu Lao Cham Island


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