Best Places to Visit in Vietnam Between August and September

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Hanoi in the morning

Autumn is the perfect season to travel to the South-East Asian countries because there are hardly any storms and the weather is quite cool and sunny. This is especially true for Vietnam, where you can make the most of the glorious weather! These are the best places to visit in Vietnam between August and September

Hanoi – The Romantic Capital

Hanoi is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam between August and September because it is considered to be the season that is the most romantic with milk flower aroma in the air, the streets are full of yellow leaves and the atmosphere is cozy.

If you are Western tourists, don’t forget to eat traditional snacks such as green rice flakes and dried fruits. You can buy these dishes in Hang Duong Street and Vong Village. They are also ideal gifts for your friends as well as family. If you can, visit the silk villages and witness gorgeous rainbows that are made by colorful clothing.

Enjoy a Vietnamese coffee by the lake, watch the leaves changing their colors and listen to old music, Hanoi is the best destination for people who want to experience the fall nostalgically. If you have had enough city and want to travel in mountainous areas, these options below might be good ideas. You might interested in check the Hanoi Tours from us.

Hanoi the Romantic Capital

A Pai Chai

A Pa Chai is a village belonging to Dien Bien Phu city. When visiting here, you can take photos with milestone no. 1, which is the border T-junction of three countries: Vietnam – Laos – China. From this height, you can observe the whole of the village and enjoy the fresh air. It really is a breathtaking view!

Many tourists also journey to A Pa Chai with the aim of experiencing the fascinating beauty of this land as well as enjoy the primitive forest with its diverse fauna and flora.

Additionally, A pa chai is also the residence of many ethnic minorities, especially the Ha Nhi people. Thus, this land is home to a specific culture. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

However, this area is quite dangerous, so you should update the weather situation carefully or before you depart, you can call the Muong Nhe post office in order to check the weather situation.

Beautiful Scenery of A Pa Chai

Mai Chau

Mai Chau is a mountainous district, situated in the northwest region of Viet Nam. This is the residence of many ethnic minorities, especially the Thai white, Tay and Muong people. They are very friendly and hospitable.

Whenever you travel to Mai Chau, as soon as you get there, you will be amazed by the spectacular scenes, especially in autumn! The ripe terrace fields that are as yellow as honey, mix in with the traditional stilt houses, leaving you with a sense of peace and serenity.

Besides enjoying nature, you can learn about local life in Mai Chau through traditional festivals. They will help you understand more about this land and you will have unforgettable memories.

It will be a pity when you travel Mai Chau and don’t enjoy special foods such as sticky rice; rice was cooked in bamboo tubes and straw wine. This wine has unique flavor as well as fragrance. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in Vietnam between August and September.
Mai Chau in Autumn

Mai Chau in Autumn

Hieu Village – A Hidden Gem

Hieu village is the furthest village of Pu Luong Nature Reserve and is situated in Thanh Hoa province. It is a perfect attraction to immerse in nature if other destinations are overcrowded.

You can enjoy the journey in your own style, but I think firstly you should swim in fresh water in Hieu waterfall, which is praised for one of the most beautiful waterfalls in central of Viet Nam. After swimming, you can discover beautiful caves behind the waterfall. The most spectacular cave is the Love cave, it’s about 2 meters wide and 10 meters deep with sparkling stalactites.

Secondly, you should spend your time sightseeing the castle, herb, vegetable and flower garden, fruit trees, lush fields that never fail to impress tourists. You can also enjoy the misty forest, which is like a wonderland, with various flora and fauna, and steep hills. Otherwise just sit down, breath fresh air and enjoy the peaceful life. If you are lucky, you may catch a beautiful sunrise or sunset!

Majestic Hieu Village

Ba Na Hills

Located 25 km away from Da Nang to the southeast, thanks to geographical advantage, the French chose Ba Na as their resort in central of Viet Nam because the weather is so cool. In recent years, Ba Na Hills has gained large investments and become one of five the most luxurious resorts in Asia. When visiting the resort, you not only experience superb nature but also luxurious services.

Firstly, let’s visit Fantasy Park where you can play thrilling games you like for free. From mild games such as merry go rounds, watching 5D movies, racing to adventurous games such as indoor mountain climbing, roller coasters, and more than 90 different games. We also have Bana Hill Tour in our list

After playing, you should wander around and enjoy the fresh air, terrific flowers in the beautiful flower garden – Le Jardin D’amour where hundreds of flowers gather and show off their beauty in the Ba Na sunshine. This garden consists of 9 little gardens and are cared for by the cleverest gardeners. Besides taking photos and admiring flowers, you can challenge yourself in mazes made by trees or play chess in the Thinking Garden. You should visit the Grape garden where the landscape and plants were designed meticulously to resemble a French vineyard.

Ba Na Hills Resort

Don’t hesitate to take a trip to Vietnam this autumn to enjoy the best holiday. Spend your time on listening to Mother Nature’s sounds, experience new things and enjoying deluxe services.

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