10 Best Destinations in Vietnam That You Should Visit in 2021

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If you are looking for a country which has both natural and cultural beauty, then Vietnam would be an affordable place. With 3400 km of beautiful coastline along with the enormous mountains in the west, Vietnam can undoubtedly please any preference. The culture and nature in Vietnam change dramatically from North to South, which would always give you fresh vibes. If you still confused regarding which place you should stop, check out these 10 best destinations in Vietnam.

Northern Vietnam

Sa Pa

Muong Hoa Valley in Sapa

Muong Hoa Valley in Sapa

Sapa is like a different world even for Vietnamese travelers due to its mountainous atmosphere and the special ethnic culture. If you are a fan of authentic custom, amazing view and exotic experience, Sapa would be one of the best destinations in Vietnam for you. With the incredible terrace fields, the colorful costumes, and the unique ethnic stilt houses, staying in Sapa would be an unforgettable experience.

Here is a list of resorts and homestays for a more comfortable journey in Sapa:

– Phori Hotel
– Eco-Palms House
– Viettrekking Homestay
– Hmong Mountain Retreat
– Topas Ecolodge Resort
– Sapa Jade Hill Resort

Ha Noi

As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in Vietnam. With a thousand years of culture and history, you will learn the real Vietnamese life in Hanoi. The city is a mixture of the modern and busy society with a calm and peaceful lifestyle. Hanoi people do not like to rush, however, with the speed of Vietnam development, you can find people rushing in the street every day. Therefore, you will be surprised to see the interesting combination between the old and the new in Hanoi.

Hanoi in the morning

Let’s take a look at these remarkable landscapes in Hanoi:

  • The old quarter
  • Hoang Kiem Lake
  • Ho Chi Minh Museum
  • Hoa Lo Prison
  • West Lake
  • Temple of Jade Mountain
  • Temple of Literature

Ha Long

Ha Long which is famous for Ha Long Bay, is one of the most outstanding and popular tourist attractions in Vietnam. Along with Cat Ba national park, Ha Long Bay is stunning for its emerald water and hundreds of limestone islands in different shapes. Most tourists coming to Ha Long would be amazed at its unique beauty and variety of views from the crystal clear water to the mysterious caves.

Kayaking on Ha Long Bay

Kayaking on Ha Long Bay

There are lots of things to see as well as activities to entertain in Ha Long. Here is a list of things to do in Ha Long:

  • Visit the floating village
  • Explore Cat Ba Island
  • Discover Hidden Grottos and Caves
  • Kayak around the limestone mountain
  • Hike on Ban Sen Island
  • Night Squid Fishing
  • Scuba Diving

Central Vietnam

Quang Binh

Quang Binh used to be a hidden gem of Vietnam. However, after Son Doong Cave, the world’s largest cave passage cross-section appeared on Good Morning Amerca, people started to notice the beauty of Quang Binh. The most famous attraction here is Phong Nha National Park, which is the most popular choice for tourists who love nature and adventure. Moreover, the beauty of Quang Binh is also a part of the success of the Hollywood movie Kong: The Skull Island, since 70% of the background scene was taken in Quang Binh.

Paradise Cave in Phong Nha Ke Bang

Paradise Cave in Phong Nha Ke Bang

These are some suggestions of what to see in one of the best destinations in Vietnam:

  • Phong Nha Cave
  • Paradise Cave
  • Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park
  • Son Doong Cave
  • Mooc Spring


Hue is the former capital of Vietnam, which is why it has both natural and historical beauty. However, Hue is like a forgotten land, as in comparison with other cities, there are not as many tourists in Hue. Therefore, if you are looking for a peaceful and quiet place full of historic landmarks, then Hue would be an ideal city. There are some reasons that Hue is always one of the best destinations in Vietnam. The main reasons are delicious food, peaceful atmosphere, authentic countryside, and beautiful heritage. All of them are what make this ancient city special.

Minh Mang Tomb

Minh Mang Tomb. Source: thuexekhatran.com

If you want to know more about Hue – one of the best destinations in Vietnam, Let’s take a look at these Hue famous attractions:

  • Hue Imperial City – the Citadel
  • Truong Tien Bridge
  • Thien Mu Pagodas
  • Dong Ba Market

Moreover, to have the best experience in Hue, try the I Love Hue Tour, the Australian Ambassador has participated in this tour and support the tour with lots of compliments.

Da Nang

Da Nang is a fast-developed city, which has become one of the most modern cities in Vietnam. It is famous for having many special bridges, including the famous Dragon Bridge, or the Han River Bridge. The city is most beautiful by night, with the city lights and many interesting activities. In addition, Da Nang Tourism is well-developed thanks to the stunning Marble Mountain right inside the city, the glorious beaches, or the unique Ba Na Hill which is not far from the city. The international airport here would be convenient for those who just want to explore Central Vietnam.

Han River Bridge in Danang Vietnam

Han River Bridge in Danang Vietnam

Let’s check out some of the most interesting activities in Da Nang – one of the best destinations in Vietnam:

  • Climb the Marble Mountains
  • Have a relaxing day in My Khe Beach
  • Enjoy the Da Nang street food cuisine
  • Explore Ba Na Hill
  • Visit Cham Museum

Hoi An – One of the best destinations in Vietnam

Hoi An is in the top 10 of the most highlight destinations in Asia. With the famous ancient town, Hoi An became a tourist area which attracts thousands of people each month. Despite being a tourist town, you can still see the authentic local life in Hoi An. People who live here are mostly local, and the best part is, they are really friendly and are willing to help you whenever you need. Moreover, outside of the ancient town, there are also traditional villages which have its own special feature that you should not miss, and two beaches which only take you 10 minutes to get there.

Hoi An Old Town beside Thu Bon River

You can take a look at these tours to enjoy Hoi An the most:

Southern Vietnam

Nha Trang

The beach city Nha Trang is famous for its marvelous coastal line. The resort city is one of the best places in Vietnam to have a relaxing vacation. It is in the top 5 of summer destinations in Vietnam. The city is full of beach resorts, hotels, seafood restaurants and beach bars. In addition, there are several islands surround the city, you can take a boat to the island, dive to watch coral through the crystal clear water. If you are looking for a wonderful place to chill and feel, this is the right city for you.

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang

Da Lat

From Nha Trang, you just need to venture through 2 mountainous passes, then Da Lat would be right in front of you. Located high up on the mountain, Da Lat has a humid continental climate, which makes this city the best place for a summer getaway. From the 38 degrees Celcius in Nha Trang, you will surprise when coming to Da Lat and feel the coldness. In the past, Da Lat is a retreat places for the last kings of Nguyen Dynasty and the French Colony government. That is why the architecture in Da Lat is mostly French influenced.

LangBiang in Dalat Vietnam

LangBiang in Dalat Vietnam

In addition, Dalat is also the city of flower, since the cool atmosphere makes it the second Netherlands, you will find enormous fields of flowers in Da Lat. This romantic city is also the best choice for couples who want to enjoy a lovely holiday.

Some fun things to do in Da Lat:

  • Visiting the amazing waterfalls in the suburb of Da Lat
  • Enjoy the flower fields in Da Lat Central
  • Explore the Crazy House
  • Have a romantic moment at Love Valley
  • Have fun at the natural space in Langbiang Hill

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) – One of the best destinations in Vietnam

Saigon Aerial Night Skyline

Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is the most modern and crowded city in Vietnam as well as one of best destinations in Vietnam. Along with the skyscraper, there are also a lot of interesting places related to Vietnam’s history and culture which will amaze you. Saigon may be not the best place to relax, but it would be the most suitable place to explore and see the real Vietnamese urban life.

Mekong Delta Tour from Saigon - Learn about the local life

Mekong Delta Tour from Saigon – Learn about the local life

The best vehicle to explore Saigon is the motorbike, however, who dare to ride motorbike themselves in the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh city? Therefore, the motorbike tours in Ho Chi Minh city is well developed, especially the I Love Saigon Tour, which was a company empower female students to practice their English. The tour is very popular among solo female travelers due to its safety and core value. Check out these motorbike tours in Ho Chi Minh City – one of the best destinations in Vietnam.

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