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Ghenh Da Dia in Vietnam

Mentioning Viet Nam, wayfarers think instantly about Ha Long Bay, or Son Doong cave – popular tourist attractions were recognized by the world, but let’s discover these unique beaches in Vietnam below. They are the best beaches in Vietnam to chill out in summer though visitors usually overlook them. Visiting there, you can enjoy a natural masterpiece, fresh air, cool water, and peaceful atmosphere. Here is the 7 best beaches in Vietnam.

1. Ghenh Da Dia (Da Dia Reef) – A sleeping monster.

This is a basalt column located in Tuy An district, Phu Yen province, Vietnam. Thousands of years ago, when a volcano spewed lava, sea water made hot lava frozen and this masterpiece was made. Admiring this masterpiece, many people couldn’t believe in their eyes when they witness polygon, round stones are arranged neatly as if giant people are playing Lego. Besides interesting shapes, the thing makes travelers excited is thousands and thousands of black stones can change their colors into color’s sun. In the morning, these stones have sunrise’s red, in the afternoon, they have sea’s blue, and in the evening, they are dyed violet by sunset. Because there are many stones in this area, tourists can’t swim. But, if you want to swim, only walking along this street, you will catch a beach which has got miles of soft white sand together with crystal water.

Ghenh Da Dia in Vietnam

Ghenh Da Dia in Vietnam – Source: bloganchoi

2. Xuan Dai Bay – a sleeping princess.

Xuan Dai bay is located in Song Cau town, Phu Yen province. Besides mild climate, weather is cool all year round; nature also gifted this bay a quite special topography which enchants tourists at first sight. The more interesting is, 3 faces of this bay are covered by the mountain which reaches out the sea. Tourists seem to be protected from crowded cities, freely swim and enjoy a peaceful holiday. Sea’s endless blue will help you forget all of your depression and make your stress disappear.

Xuan Dai Bay in Vietnam

Xuan Dai Bay in Vietnam – Source: Vietnamtourism

3. Eo Gio – a romantic beach.

Eo Gio located in Quy Nhon city and the path is still wild, quite difficult to go for newbie travelers. However, when you get there and witness the sea, all your effort is totally worthy. You must pay the fee (22.000 VND) in order to visit but believe in me, this price is so cheap for real heaven. Remember to take many photos with the highlight: A red bridge is standing out against the blue sea. If you aren’t a big fan of taking photos, you can dive and witness marine life. In the far, you can also see goats are grassing. Besides enjoying the beach, you can visit caves where birds come to live and make their nests. A natural picture is opening in front of your eyes and let’s enjoys it.

Eo gió in Quy Nhon Vietnam

Eo gió in Quy Nhon Vietnam – Source: Kenh14

4. The Queen beach – where dinosaur laid her eggs.

Located in Quy Nhon city and belong to Genh Rang tourist area, this beach was rumored that it is the favorite beach of Vietnam’s last queen. This beach also makes people crazy because of their beauty and colorful “eggs”. Because of its wild beauty, this beach looks like a hidden gem – where people can run away from hustle and bustle of city life. You should visit Han Mac Tu Memorial Park, where you can witness this famous poet’s memorabilia and well-known scientists’ statues. Don’t forget to spend a little money because the voluntary fee will be used for preserving.

Queen Beach in Quy Nhon Vietnam

Queen Beach in Quy Nhon Vietnam – Source: vivutravel

5. The An Bang Beach – a perfect combination between human and nature.

If you are searching for heaven where isn’t too noisy but you can enjoy luxurious services, this beach is yours. Located in Hoi An ancient town, at this beach, you can experience swimming, snorkel, kayak, play kites. You even fly like a bird with parasailing activities. Although the fee is quite expensive (600.000 VND), why don’t you experience once a time in your life to become your childhood dream come true? If your budget doesn’t allow, just lie down, sunbath and eat or drink something. At night, you can immerse in a lively ambiance together with dancing lessons and DJ parties. Your journey will be more perfect if you spend strolling Hoi An at night and enjoy local foods.

An Bang Beach in Hoi An Vietnam

An Bang Beach in Hoi An Vietnam – Source: truyenhinhdulich

6. Eye’s dragon Island – A Jurassic Park in Vietnam.

This island located in the south of Ha Long Bay. From above, this island looks like a monster is sleeping. Owning a unique and pristine beauty, this island should be included in your bucket list. As soon as tourists come to this heaven, they can peace with long white sand, emerald water, lines of palm trees and limestone karst valleys. However, the most enthralling highlight is the crystal water pool is protected by rocks. You can swim, dive or sunbath, but don’t forget to keep everything is clean. Let’s visit here, and let your hair down after exhausting working days.

Eye’s dragon Island in Vietnam

Eye’s dragon Island in Vietnam – Source: halongbaytourism

7. Hon Noi Islet – where you can swim in two beaches.

You are really into paradise in Maldives or Bali, but you couldn’t afford? Don’t worry, let’s travel to the Bai Noi beach – the one of a kind twin beach in Nha Trang and you will get memorable experiences. Located in the South of Khanh Hoa province and belongs to Nha Trang Bay, Hon Noi is a must-visit destination for any tourists travel to Nha Trang. Visiting here, you can learn how to local people raise birds and earn from these special birds. The more interesting is, you will be impressed by the unforgettable picture: Two beaches are parallel together with transparent and cool water. You should walk to the top of the mountain to enjoy the whole islet and capture romantic photos.

Hon Noi Islet in Vietnam

Hon Noi Islet in Vietnam – Source: Nhatrangreview

If you’ve had enough of overload beaches with crowded tourists, noisy sounds, these beaches are the best ideal destinations for you. Local people are friendly, plain, the environment is fresh, travelers aren’t disturbed by services so you can enjoy the holiday in your styles: Going fishing, Camping, eating, singing and don’t forget to clean up after your parties. At night, let’s immerse in nature by sleeping under the sky and admire twinkle stars which you can’t enjoy in the busy city.

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