Best beaches in Phu Quoc – Island paradise in Vietnam

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Vietnam is located in the tropical region, where the weather is humid year around. Coming to Vietnam in the summer, you can not miss visiting the beach here. Vietnam is famous for beautiful beaches with long- stretch white sand and blue water, green coconut trees. Phu Quoc, Vietnam is in the south of the country where it is a paradise of charming beaches. Just find the best beach in Phu Quoc island and be ready for your journey.


Phu Quoc which is called Pearl Island is the biggest island in Vietnam. It is also the largest one in the community of 22 Islands in the Gulf of Thailand. In 2016, the coastal biosphere reserve in Kien Giang including this island district was recognized as coastal biosphere reserve of the world by UNESCO. The best beach in Phu Quoc island will help you to fulfill your passion for traveling. After reaching the airport of Kien Giang province, you can definitely get the beaches by taxi, motorbike.

Bai Truong

First of the best beach in Phu Quoc island is Bai Truong. It is located in Tran Hung Dao street, alongside southwest Phu Quoc island. As its name in English “long beach”, it is the longest one in Phu Quoc island. It is famous for its beauty, romance of the landscape and the people there. Coming to that beach, tourist definitely enjoys the cool and fresh air, the beautiful beach. Also, you will stroll alongside the beach to contemplate sunrise or sunset.


Services surrounding Bai Truong are resort, villas, luxurious hotel, high-end restaurant, food store, shop, yacht club. You can take a rest there and recharge your energy by coming to surrounding restaurants to both contemplate the beach and enjoy the fresh seafood. If you love massage, there are many massage services alongside the beach with reasonable price. There is no perfectness more than lying down the shape of the tree, feeling the cool sea breeze and enjoying the massage service.

Bai Dai

The second of the best beach in Phu Quoc island is Bai Dai. Located in the north-west of the Island, Bai Dai is an indispensable factor when mentioning Phu Quoc tourist because of its neglected beauty. It is on the top of 13 the most neglected and beautiful beaches in the world with the length of 1500 m. As a paradise of sunshine, blue water, tree line whispering in wind, that beach is an ideal destination for tourist wanting peace in soul.


Not having a busy and bustling atmosphere as many beaches surrounding there, Bai Dai gets its own peaceful and quiet atmosphere, fitting with tourist wanting to take a rest in summer.More special, it attracts tourist by natural and neglected beauty that you can not find on other beaches. Tourist services are not busy there because of its pristine characteristic. Therefore, there are not many restaurants and hotels. However, the phenomenon of inviting tourist with insistence is rare. You will get the feeling of all comfort and peace there, really. That why people consider that beach as the best beach in Phu Quoc island.

Bai Sao

Bai Sao( Star Beach) is seen as the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc island with spotlessly white and smooth as cream sand. According to the locals, the name ‘Bai Sao” comes from an old story. For a long time ago, there were lots of starfish spilling on the shore when it was sunset. Coming to that beach, you definitely appreciate neglected beauty of the beach with long –stretch white sand, quiet sea water.


Star Beach is a famous beach so it can get crowded all times. You can come here in the early morning to enjoy the sunrise and tranquil feeling. This destination is also ideal for people taking a rest in the summer holiday. You can unwind, recharge energy for a new journey. Because life is all journeys to discover. There are many tourist services there like guest house, resort, restaurant, massage, skis. Or you can contemplate the sea and enjoy swinging because it is a paradise of swings. That is the reason why it becomes the best beach in Phu Quoc island.

What to eat in Phu Quoc Island

For a long time, Phu Quoc Island has become an ideal resort destination loved by Vietnamese and foreign tourist. What makes Phu Quoc island more attractive to the tourist is the neglected beaches with white sand alongside., Apart from going to beaches, diving into the beautiful coral reef, going fishing, tourist can explore the local’s yummy food made by various seafood from this beach when coming to Phu Quoc.There are some famous food like herring salad (dish make of raw herring fish with vegetables), crab soup, grilled sea urchin, crab fried rice, mango salad with snail.


Traveling means you lose nothing and a new world to see. Phu Quoc is definitely an ideal destination for tourist loving to fresh their mind, take a rest and enjoy the scenery and fresh food there. If you are interested in other beaches in Vietnam, visit best beaches Vietnam to get more information. Do not worry, just take a backpack and go.

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